Nurses Day Activities


International Nurses day is celebrated by the international Council of Nursing (ICN) every year to recognize the selfless hard work, commitment and tireless effort of these vital health professionals. The important role nurses have in our life is inevitable and they should always be acknowledged for the care and support they shower their patient with. The International Nurses Day is celebrated on 12th of May, the birth anniversary of Florence Nightingale, Founder of Modern Nursing to honor the dedicated services provided by the nursing community and the nursing week is observed from May 9 to May 15.

The Nurses Day celebrates a different theme each year and tries to educate and create awareness among the public on the importance of the cause. It has recognized a number of causes and worked for those like mental health, women's health and has also put up a fight against diseases like AIDS and cancer. The theme of the year 2010 is ' Delivering Quality, Serving Communities: Nurses Leading Chronic Care'. Providing quality care for patients suffering from chronic diseases can reduce a number of risk and complications. Chronic diseases like arthritis, rheumatology, diabetes and asthma can progress very slowly but persist for the coming years of life. Chronic diseases are studied to bring down the life expectancy and the standards of life in the patients. It is also be one of the major causes of money loss as a large amount is spent on treatment and medicines over the time. The condition can be prevented or controlled if routine checkups and effective communication and relationship are observed between the patient and the health care professionals. Good and effective nursing facilities can always help to reduce the challenges the patient has to face every day.

The Nurses Day is usually observed by conducting activities which are related to the theme of the year. The recognition and celebration of the theme of Nurses Day may last around a week to the whole year and the nursing community takes care to meet the goals laid down by the ICN. During the Nurses Week celebration, the Nurses Day kit based on the Nurses day theme of the year is prepared and distributed among the health care professionals by the International Council of Nursing. This kit includes education and public information materials on the specific topic for the use by nurses. Nurses everywhere are encouraged to use the kit throughout the year through group activities and individual actions.

Many educational seminars, conferences and community events are conducted around the world during the Nurses Week so as to educate the nurses on the importance of the Nurses Day celebration and the theme of the year. This also aids them to recognize the goals lay down for the year. Training and workhouses are conducted so as to improve the working skill of the nursing community. Public seminars, talks and plays are organized so as to educate and create awareness among the young students and common man. The nurses providing the best services are honored with the best nurse award by many hospitals and groups. At school level many activities are conducted to educate the students about the work and importance of nurses in the society. Family buffet and gift dinners are sponsored on this day and many fun activities are arranged during the dinner for the nurses. Nurses are also gets involved in community help activities around the celebration week and nurses goes to orphanages and old age care centre to provide emotional support and help to them.

Nurses are an angel who touches a life every day and brings smile and hope in most of the life they touches. Along their carrier they come across a number of people all of whom they provide love and care just as a family member would do. On the Nurses Day, the nurses are acknowledged for their dedication and hard work by presenting them thank you gifts. The doctors, patients and the administration gifts this dedicated staffs as a token of appreciation and acknowledgement. Flowers, chocolates and cards are given to show the appreciation of their kindness, honesty, calm nature and perseverance.