November 15 Birthdays :140 Famous People Birthdays on 15 November

Jack Ingram Birthday (November 15th)

Jack Owen Ingram was born on 15th November, 1970 and is the famous American music performer. Jack Ingram has released more than 12 singles for the country radio and recorded near about 7 studio albums. Though from the year 1992, Jack Ingram did not attain considerable attention till year 2005, ....

November 15 Birthday Wishes

November 15 Birthday Wishes

Happy Birthday‚ my great friend! Be proud of the wonderful life you’ve led so far and look forward to all the adventures yet to come your way.

You are now the age that age that all comments about how good you are at something end with ’for your age’. So be good on your birthday‚ for your age.

November 15Birthday Quotes

'I have been a frequent air traveler since I was a few months shy of my sixth birthday‚ when my parents packed me off to boarding school two plane rides away from home. Those days of being willingly handed from air hostess to air hostess as an ’unaccompanied minor’ made me blase about the rigors of air travel.'

Shashi Tharoor

'I tried to bake a cake for my mother’s birthday - it took me four hours. It was terrible‚ and I cried for three days.'

Rachael Ray

People Born on November 15

Year Name
1498 Eleonore of Austria Queen of Portugal and France (d. 1558)
1511 Johannes Secundus Dutch poet (d. 1536)
1556 Jacques-Davy Duperron French cardinal (d. 1618)
1559 Archduke Albert of Austria Governor of the Low Countries (d. 1621)
1607 Madeleine de Scuda?ry French writer (d. 1701)
1660 Hermann von der Hardt German historian (d. 1746)
1661 Christoph von Graffenried Swiss settler in Americas (d. 1743)
1688 Louis Bertrand Castel French mathematician (d. 1757)
1692 Eusebius Amort German Catholic theologian (d. 1775)
1708 William Pitt 1st Earl of Chatham Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (d. 1778)
1738 William Herschel German-born astronomer (d. 1822)
1741 Johann Kaspar Lavater German philosopher (d. 1801)
1746 Joseph Quesnel French Canadian composer and playwright (d. 1809)
1757 Heinrich Christian Friedrich Schumacher Danish surgeon (d. 1830)
1784 Jerome Bonaparte King of Westphalia (d. 1860)
1791 Friedrich Ernst Scheller German jurist and politician (d. 1869)
1793 Michel Chasles French mathematician (d. 1880)
1835 Sakamoto Ry?ma Japanese revolutionary (d. 1867)
1852 Tewfik Pasha Khedive of Egypt (d. 1892)
1859 Christopher Hornsrud Prime Minister of Norway (d. 1960)
1862 Gerhart Hauptmann German dramatist Nobel laureate (d. 1946)
1868 Emil Racovita Romanian biologist ‚zoologist‚ speleologist and explorer of Antarctica (d. 1947)
1874 August Krogh Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine laureate (d. 1949)
1874 Dimitrios Golemis Greek athlete (d. 1941)
1879 Lewis Stone American actor (d. 1953)
1881 Franklin Pierce Adams American newspaper columnist (d. 1960)
1882 Felix Frankfurter U.S. Supreme Court Justice (d. 1965)
1886 Rena? Gua?non French-Egyptian author (d. 1951)
1887 Marianne Moore American poet (d. 1972)
1887 Georgia O'Keeffe American painter (d. 1986)
1890 Richmal Crompton British author (d. 1969)
1891 Averell Harriman American businessman (d. 1986)
1891 Erwin Rommel "German field marshal ""The Desert Fox"" (d. 1944)"
1895 Antoni S?onimski Polish writer (d. 1976)
1897 Aneurin Bevan British politician (d. 1960)
1897 Sacheverell Sitwell English writer (d. 1988)
1899 Avdy Andresson Estonian statesman (d. 1990)
1903 Stewie Dempster New Zealand cricketer (d. 1974)
1905 Mantovani Italian-born composer (d. 1980)
1906 Curtis LeMay U.S. Air Force general (d. 1990)
1907 Claus von Stauffenberg German leader of failed plot to assassinate Adolf Hitler (d. 1944)
1913 Guy Green English film director (d. 2005)
1913 Arthur Haulot Belgian journalist (d. 2005)
1919 Joseph Wapner American judge
1920 Vasilis Diamantopoulos Greek actor (d. 1999)
1922 Francis Brunn German juggler (d. 2004)
1922 David Sidney Feingold American biochemist
1925 Howard Baker American political advisor
1925 Yuli Daniel Russian writer (d. 1988)
1927 Gregor Mackenzie British politician (d. 1992)
1928 C. W. McCall American singer
1928 John Orchard British actor (d. 1995)
1929 Ed Asner American actor
1930 J. G. Ballard British author (d. 2009)
1931 Mwai Kibaki President of Kenya
1931 Pascal Lissouba Congo politician
1932 Petula Clark English singer
1932 Clyde McPhatter American singer (d. 1972)
1932 Alvin Plantinga American philosopher
1936 Wolf Biermann German writer
1936 H. B. Bailey American NASCAR driver (d. 2003)
1937 Little Willie John American singer (d. 1968)
1937 Yaphet Kotto American actor
1940 Ulf Pilgaard Danish actor
1940 Sam Waterston American actor
1940 Roberto Cavalli Italian fashion designer
1942 Daniel Barenboim Argentine-born conductor and pianist
1945 Roger Donaldson Australian producer/director
1945 Bob Gunton American actor
1945 "Anni-Frid ""Frida"" Lyngstad" Norwegian born Swedish singer (ABBA)
1947 Bill Richardson American politician 9th United States Secretary of Energyand 30th Governor of New Mexico
1950 Egon Vaupel German politician
1951 Beverly D'Angelo American actress
1952 Zolta?n Buday Hungarian born actor
1952 Randy Savage American professional wrestler
1954 Aleksander Kwa?niewski former President of Poland
1955 Georgie Born English academicanthropologist and musician (Henry Cow)
1955 Henry Corra American documentarian
1956 Michael Hampton American guitarist (Funkadelic)
1956 Brian Douglas Wells American criminal (d. 2003)
1957 Kevin Eubanks American jazz guitarist
1957 Harold Marcuse American historian
1957 Ray McKinnon American film actor/director
1957 Michael Woythe German footballer
1961 Ian Reid Australian educator
1963 Benny Elias Australian rugby league footballer
1963 Andrew Castle English television presenter and former tennis professional
1964 Stelios Aposporis Greek footballer
1965 Nigel Bond English snooker player
1965 Stefan Pfeiffer German swimmer
1966 Rachel True American actress
1967 Pedro Borba?n Jr. Dominican baseball player
1967 Greg Anthony American basketball player
1967 E-40 American rapper
1967 Frana?ois Ozon French film director
1967 Gustavo Poyet Uruguayan footballer
1968 Jennifer Charles American singer/songwriter
1968 Ol' Dirty Bastard American rapper (d. 2004)
1968 Fausto Brizzi Italian screenwriter and film director
1969 Shane Mack American politician
1970 Ilija Araa?ia? Croatian footballer
1970 Jack Ingram American singer and songwriter
1970 Patrick Mboma Cameroonian footballer
1971 Jay Harrington American actor
1972 Nga? Ba??o Cha?u Vietnamese mathematician Fields medalist
1972 Jonny Lee Miller English actor
1973 Jesse Merz American actor
1973 Sydney Tamiia Poitier American actress
1974 Chad Kroeger Canadian singer (Nickelback)
1975 Scott Henshall British fashion designer
1975 Yannick Tremblay Canadian ice hockey player
1976 Brandon DiCamillo American comedian
1976 Virginie Ledoyen French actress
1977 Sean Murray American actor
1977 Peter Phillips grandson of Queen Elizabeth II
1977 Robaire Smith American football player
1977 Logan Whitehurst American musician (d. 2006)
1978 Floyd Womack American football player
1979 Josemi Spanish footballer
1979 Brett Lancaster Australian cyclist
1980 Ace Young American singer
1981 Lorena Ochoa Mexican golfer
1981 Drew Hodgdon American football player
1981 Jordan Buckley American heavy metal guitarist Every Time I Die
1982 D. J. Fitzpatrick American Football League kicker
1982 Joe Kowalewski American football player
1982 Lofa Tatupu National Football League player
1983 Sasha Pavlovic Serbian basketball player
1983 DJ Skee American DJ/personality
1983 Laura Smet French actress
1983 Fernando Verdasco Spanish tennis player
1984 Gemma Atkinson English actress
1985 Lily Aldridge American fashion model
1986 Coye Francies American football player
1986 Sania Mirza Indian tennis player
1987 Isaiah Osbourne English footballer
1988 Zena Grey American actress
1988 Bobby Ray AKA B.o.B American recording artist and producer
1990 Kanata Hong? Japanese actor
1991 Shailene Woodley American actress