November 13 Birthdays :145 Famous People Birthdays on 13 November

November 13 Birthday Wishes

November 13 Birthday Wishes

Happy Birthday‚ Your good looks are living proof that Mother Nature sometimes wins the battle with Father Time.

You are not getting older‚ you are....well‚ you are getting older. Happy Birthday.

November 13Birthday Quotes

'When Oscar Niemeyer died on December 5‚ 2012‚ ten days before his 105th birthday‚ he was universally regarded as the very last of the twentieth century’s major architectural masters‚ an astonishing survivor whose most famous accomplishment‚ Brasilia‚ was the climactic episode of utopian High Modern urbanism.'

Martin Filler

'There weren’t any astronauts until I was about 10. Yuri Gagarin went into space right around my 10th birthday.'

John L. Phillips

People Born on November 13

Year Name
354 Saint Augustine of Hippo North African theologian (d. 430)
532 Augustine of Canterbury Archbishop of Canterbury (d. 604)
1486 Johann Eck German theologian (d. 1543)
1572 Cyril Lucaris Greek theologian (d. 1638)
1699 Jan Zach Czech composer and musician (d. 1773)
1710 Charles Simon Favart French dramatist (d. 1792)
1714 William Shenstone English poet (d. 1763)
1715 Dorothea Erxleben German first female medical doctor (d. 1762)
1732 John Dickinson American lawyer and Governor of Delaware and Pennsylvania (d. 1808)
1760 Jiaqing Emperor of China (d. 1820)
1761 John Moore British general (d. 1809)
1768 Bertel Thorvaldsen Danish sculptor (d. 1844)
1782 Esaias Tegna?r Swedish writer professor of Greek language and bishop (d. 1846)
1801 Elisabeth Ludovika of Bavaria queen of Prussia (d. 1873)
1801 Amalie Auguste of Bavaria queen of Saxony (d. 1877)
1809 John A. Dahlgren American Navy admiral (d. 1870)
1814 Joseph Hooker American General (d. 1879)
1826 Charles Frederick Worth English-born couturier (d. 1895)
1833 Edwin Booth American actor (d. 1893)
1837 James T. Rapier American politician (d. 1883)
1838 Joseph Fielding Smith president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (d. 1918)
1841 Edward Burd Grubb Jr.American Civil War Brevet Brigadier General (d. 1913)
1848 Albert I Prince of Monaco (d. 1922)
1850 Robert Louis Stevenson Scottish writer (d. 1894)
1853 John Drew Jr. American actor (d. 1927)
1856 Louis Brandeis U.S. Supreme Court Justice (d. 1941)
1866 Abraham Flexner American educator (d. 1959)
1869 Helene Sta?cker German feminist pacifist and publicist (d. 1943)
1869 Ariadna Tyrkova-Williams Russian feminist (d. 1962)
1872 Leon Leonwood Bean American inventor author outdoor enthusiast founder of L.L.Bean (d. 1967)
1878 Max Dehn German mathematician (d. 1952)
1886 Mary Wigman German dancer and choreographer (d. 1973)
1894 Artur Nebe German SS officer (d. 1945)
1897 Gertrude Olmstead American actress (d. 1975)
1899 Iskander Mirza First President of Pakistan (d. 1969)
1899 Huang Xianfan Chinese historian (d. 1982)
1900 Edward Buzzell American film director (d. 1985)
1904 H. C. Potter American film and theater director (d. 1977)
1906 Hermione Baddeley English actress (d. 1986)
1906 Eva Zeisel American industrial designer
1907 Giovanna of Italy tsaritsa of Bulgaria (d. 2000)
1908 C. Vann Woodward American historian (d. 1999)
1910 William Bradford Huie American writer and publisher (d. 1986)
1910 Pat Reid British Army officer and Colditz escapee (d. 1990)
1911 Buck O'Neil American baseball player (d. 2006)
1913 Jack Dyer Australian rules footballer (d. 2003)
1913 Lon Nol Cambodian politician (d. 1985)
1913 Helen Mack American actress (d. 1986)
1913 Alexander Scourby American actor (d. 1985)
1914 Alberto Lattuada Italian film director (d. 2005)
1917 Robert Sterling American actor (d. 2006)
1917 Vasantdada Patil Indian politician (d. 1989)
1922 Jack Narz American game show host (d. 2008)
1922 Oskar Werner Austrian actor (d. 1984)
1924 Linda Christian Mexican-born actress
1924 Motoo Kimura Japanese geneticist (d. 1994)
1926 Harry Hughes 57th Governor of Maryland
1927 Billy Kla?ver American scientist (d. 2004)
1928 Steve Bilko American baseball player (d. 1978)
1929 Fred Phelps American pastor
1929 Asashio Tar? III Japanese sumo wrestler the 46th Yokozuna (d. 1988)
1931 Andra?e Lachapelle French Canadian actress
1932 Richard Mulligan American actor (d. 2000)
1934 Peter Arnett New Zealand-born American journalist
1934 Jimmy Fontana Italian actor composer and singer
1934 Garry Marshall American producer director‚ writer and actor
1935 Tom Atkins American actor
1935 P. Susheela Indian singer
1935 George Carey Archbishop of Canterbury
1938 Ga?rald Godin French Canadian poet and politician (d. 1994)
1938 Jean Seberg American actress (d. 1979)
1939 Karel Bra?ckner Czech football manager
1939 Idris Muhammad American jazz drummer
1940 Saul Kripke American philosopher and logician
1940 Daniel Pilon Canadian actor
1941 Eberhard Diepgen German politician
1941 David Green entrepreneur
1941 Dack Rambo American actor (d. 1994)
1941 Mel Stottlemyre American baseball player and coach
1942 John Hammond American musician
1943 Andra?-Gilles Fortin Canadian politician (d. 1977)
1943 Roberto Boninsegna Italian footballer
1943 Jay Sigel American golfer
1944 Timmy Thomas American musician
1945 John B. Craig American diplomat
1945 Masahiro Hasemi Japanese racing driver
1947 Toy Caldwell American guitarist (The Marshall Tucker Band) (d. 1993)
1947 Gene Garber American baseball player
1947 Amory Lovins American environmentalist and author
1947 Joe Mantegna American actor
1948 Humayun Ahmed Bangladeshi novelist and film-maker
1949 Yoshimi Ishibashi Japanese racing driver
1949 Terry Reid English singer
1950 Mary Lou Metzger American singer (The Lawrence Welk Show)
1950 Gilbert Perreault Canadian ice hockey player
1951 Pini Gershon Israeli basketball coach
1952 Art Malik Pakistani-born English actor
1953 Frances Conroy American actress
1953 Andra?s Manuel La?pez Obrador Mexican politician
1953 Andrew Ranken English musician (The Pogues)
1953 Tracy Scoggins American actress
1954 Scott McNealy American CEO of Sun Microsystems
1954 Chris Noth American actor
1955 Whoopi Goldberg American actress comedienne and singer
1956 Ginger Alden American actress
1957 Stephen Baxter English author
1957 Roger Ingram American trumpeter educator and author
1959 Caroline Goodall English actress
1960 Neil Flynn American actor
1960 Teodora Ungureanu Romanian gymnast and Olympic medalist
1963 Vinny Testaverde American football player
1964 Steve Wong Ka-Keung Hong Kong musician Beyond
1967 Juhi Chawla Indian actress
1967 Jimmy Kimmel American comedian and talk-show host
1967 Steve Zahn American actor
1968 Pat Hentgen American baseball player
1969 Lori Berenson American criminal
1969 Gerard Butler Scottish actor
1969 Ayaan Hirsi Ali Dutch author
1971 Noah Hathaway American actor
1972 Takuya Kimura Japanese singer and actor
1973 Ari Hoenig American jazz drummer
1975 Tom Compernolle Belgian athlete (d. 2008)
1975 Alain Digbeu French basketball player
1975 Ivica Dragutinovia? Serbian footballer
1975 Quim Portuguese footballer
1976 Hiroshi Tanahashi Japanese professional wrestler
1976 Kelly Sotherton English heptathlete
1977 Chanel Cole Australian singer
1977 Huang Xiaoming Chinese actor and singer
1978 Nikolai Fraiture American bassist (The Strokes)
1979 Ron Artest American basketball player
1979 Subliminal Israeli rapper and producer
1980 Monique Coleman American actress
1980 Frana?ois-Louis Tremblay Canadian speed skater
1981 Mark Cardona Filipino basketball player
1981 Rivkah American cartoonist
1981 Shawn Yue Hong Kong actor and singer
1981 Ryan Bertin American amateur wrestler
1982 Samkon Gado Nigerian/American football player
1982 Kumi Koda Japanese singer
1982 Michael Copon American actor and singer
1984 Lucas Barrios Paraguayan footballer
1985 Asdra?bal Cabrera Venezuelan baseball player
1987 Dana Vollmer American swimmer