November 12 Birthdays :153 Famous People Birthdays on 12 November

Anne Hathaway Birthday (November 12th)

Anne Jacqueline Hathaway was born on 12th November 1982 and is the American actress. Anne Hathaway made her debut career in the year 1999 with the television series Get Real but Anne’s first famous role was in the Princess Diaries which was family comedy show of the Disney’s in the year ....

Sun Yat Sen Biography

Influence of Western Christianity on Sun Yat Sen Sun Yat-sen, was a Chinese revolutionary, who was born near Guangzhou into a farmers family. He studied at the Anglican Boys School in Honolulu, where he was influenced by Western education and Christianity. He earned a diploma in 1892 from a Hong....

November 12 Birthday Wishes

November 12 Birthday Wishes

Happy Birthday. Continue climbing to greater heights. You are a star!


November 12Birthday Quotes

'By the time of my ninth birthday‚ I had become a bit of a socialist‚ as I am said by conservative colleagues to be to this day. I went on within the next few years to volunteer as an envelope stuffer for the American Labor Party‚ and my political thinking has not shifted measurably since that time.'

Sherwin B. Nuland

'One of the shocks of a 50th birthday is realizing the fundamental fact that your youth is irrevocably over.'

Marianne Williamson

People Born on November 12

Year Name
1528 Qi Jiguang Chinese general (d. 1588)
1547 Claude of Valois French princess (d. 1575)
1606 Jeanne Mance French settler of New France (d. 1673)
1615 Richard Baxter English clergyman (d. 1691)
1651 Sor Juana Ina?s de la Cruz Mexican mystic and author (d. 1695)
1684 Edward Vernon English Royal Navy admiral (d. 1757)
1729 Louis Antoine de Bougainville French explorer (d. 1811)
1755 Gerhard von Scharnhorst Prussian general (d. 1813)
1795 Thaddeus William Harris American naturalist (d. 1856)
1815 Elizabeth Cady Stanton American suffragette (d. 1902)
1817 Baha?'u'lla?h Persian spiritual figure (d. 1892)
1833 Alexander Borodin Russian composer and chemist (d. 1887)
1840 Auguste Rodin French sculptor (d. 1917)
1842 John Strutt 3rd Baron Rayleigh English physicist Nobel laureate (d. 1919)
1848 Eduard Ma?ller Swiss politician (d. 1919)
1850 Mikhail Chigorin Russian chess player (d. 1908)
1866 Sun Yat-sen Chinese revolutionary and politician (d. 1925)
1872 William Fay Irish actor and theatre producer (d. 1947)
1881 Olev Siinmaa Estonian architect (d. 1948)
1881 Maximilian von Weichs German field marshal (d. 1954)
1886 Ga?nther Dyhrenfurth German geologist and mountineer (d. 1975)
1886 Ben Travers British playwright (d. 1980)
1889 DeWitt Wallace American magazine publisher (d. 1981)
1890 Lily Kronberger Hungarian figure skater (d. 1974)
1892 Tudor Davies Welsh operatic tenor (d. 1958)
1896 Salim Ali Indian ornithologist (d. 1987)
1897 Karl Marx German composer (d. 1985)
1898 Leon Ċ tukelj Slovene gymnast (d. 1999)
1901 James Luther Adams American theologian (d. 1994)
1903 Jack Oakie American actor (d. 1978)
1908 Harry Blackmun U.S. Supreme Court Justice (d. 1999)
1910 Dudley Nourse South African cricketer (d. 1981)
1911 Buck Clayton American jazz trumpet player (d. 1991)
1915 Roland Barthes French critic and writer (d. 1980)
1916 Rogelio de la Rosa Filipino actor and politician (d. 1986)
1916 Paul Emery English racing driver (d. 1993)
1916 Jean Papineau-Couture French-Canadian composer (d. 2000)
1917 Jo Stafford American singer (d. 2008)
1920 Richard Quine American actor (d. 1989)
1922 Kim Hunter American actress (d. 2002)
1923 Vicco von Ba?low German film director
1924 Sam Jones American jazz bassist and cellist (d. 1981)
1927 Yutaka Taniyama Japanese mathematician (d. 1958)
1928 Bob Holness English presenter and actor
1929 Michael Ende German writer (d. 1995)
1929 Grace Kelly American actress and Princely consort of Monaco (d. 1982)
1930 Ann Flood American actress
1931 Bob Crewe American songwriter and producer (The Four Seasons)
1933 Jalal Talabani Iraqi politician
1934 Charles Manson American cult leader and convicted murderer
1936 Mills Lane American jurist TV personality and boxing referee
1936 Mort Shuman American songwriter and singer (d. 1991)
1938 Denis DeJordy Canadian ice hockey player
1938 Benjamin Mkapa Tanzanian politician
1939 Ruby Nash Curtis American singer (Ruby & the Romantics)
1939 Terry McDonald English footballer
1939 Lucia Popp Slovakian soprano (d. 1993)
1940 Michel Audet Quebec economist and politician
1941 Carol Gluck American academic and Japanologist
1943 Julie Ege Norwegian actress (d. 2008)
1943 Brian Hyland American singer
1943 Wallace Shawn American actor and playwright
1943 Bjorn Waldegard Swedish rally driver
1944 Booker T. Jones American musician and songwriter (Booker T and the MG's)
1944 Al Michaels American television sportscaster
1945 Tracy Kidder American journalist and author
1945 Neil Young Canadian singer and guitarist
1946 Krister Henriksson Swedish actor
1947 Ron Bryant American baseball player
1947 Buck Dharma American vocalist and guitarist (Blue a?yster Cult)
1947 Patrice Leconte French film director and screenwriter
1948 Errol Brown English singer (Hot Chocolate)
1948 Cliff Harris American football player
1949 Ron Lapointe Canadian ice hockey coach (d. 1992)
1949 Jack Reed American politician
1949 Sinyan Shen American physicist and composer
1950 Barbara Fairchild US country music/Gospel singer
1952 Ronald Burkle American entrepreneur
1953 Vasilis Karras Greek singer
1954 Rob Lytle American football player (b. 2010)
1955 Katharine Weber American novelist
1958 Megan Mullally American actress and singer
1958 Nick Stellino Italian-born American television chef
1959 Vincent Irizarry American actor
1960 Ismo Alanko Finnish musician
1960 Maurane Belgian singer
1961 Nadia Coma?neci Romanian gymnast
1961 Enzo Francescoli Uruguayan footballer
1961 Jonathan Nossiter American film director
1961 Michaela Paetsch American violinist
1962 Mariella Frostrup Norwegian journalist and television presenter
1962 Mark Hunter Canadian ice hockey player
1962 Neal Shusterman American writer
1962 Brix Smith American singer and guitarist
1962 Naomi Wolf American author and feminist
1963 Sam Lloyd American actor
1963 Susumu Terajima Japanese actor
1964 Vic Chesnutt American singer and songwriter (d. 2009)
1964 Dave Ellefson American bassist (Megadeth)
1965 Lex Lang American voice actor
1967 Michael Moorer American boxer
1967 Grant Nicholas British singer (Feeder)
1968 Glenn Gilbertti American professional wrestler
1968 Kathleen Hanna American singer and songwriter
1968 Aya Hisakawa Japanese voice actress and singer
1968 Sammy Sosa Dominican baseball player
1968 Aaron Stainthorpe British singer (My Dying Bride)
1969 Ian Bremmer American political scientist
1969 Jason Cundy English footballer and broadcaster
1969 Johnny Gosch American kidnap victim
1970 Donna Adamo American professional wrestler
1970 Tonya Harding American figure skater
1970 Craig Parker New Zealand actor
1970 Harvey Stephens British actor
1972 Vassilis Tsiartas Greek footballer
1973 Mayte Garcia American dancer
1973 Radha Mitchell Australian actress
1973 Ethan Zohn American footballer and Survivor: Africa contestant
1974 Tamala Jones American actress
1975 Nina Brosh Israeli model and actress
1975 Jason Lezak American swimmer
1975 Angela Watson American actress
1976 Tevin Campbell American R&B singer
1976 Judith Holofernes German singer (Wir sind Helden)
1976 Richelle Mead American writer
1976 Miros?aw Szymkowiak Polish footballer
1977 Dalene Kurtis American model
1977 Benni McCarthy South African footballer
1977 Lee Murray English mixed martial artist
1978 Alexandra Maria Lara Romanian-born German actress
1978 Andrew Kinlochan British singer (Phixx)
1978 Ashley Williams American actress
1978 Lena Yada American actress model surfer and professional wrestler
1979 Matt Cappotelli American professional wrestler
1979 Cote de Pablo Chilean actress
1979 Lucas Glover American professional golfer
1979 Crown J South Korean hip hop singer and rapper
1979 Corey Maggette American basketball player
1980 Trent Acid American professional wrestler (d. 2010)
1980 Ryan Gosling Canadian actor
1981 D. J. Campbell English footballer
1982 Anne Hathaway American actress
1982 Mikele Leigertwood English footballer
1983 Carlton Cole English footballer
1983 Charlie Morton American baseball player
1984 Sepp De Roover Belgian footballer
1984 Omarion American R&B singer pianist and songwriter (B2K)
1984 Sandara Park South Korean actor
1984 Conrad Rautenbach Zimbabwean rally driver
1985 Arianny Celeste American UFC Ring Girl and model
1986 Evan Yo Taiwanese pop singer
1987 Bryan Little Canadian ice hockey player
1988 Russell Westbrook American basketball player