November 10 Birthdays :159 Famous People Birthdays on 10 November

Miranda Lambert Birthday (November 10th)

Miranda Lambert was born on 10th November 1983 in Texas and is also the two times Grammy award nominated American singer. Miranda Lambert gained the fames as the finalist of Nashville star in the year 2003. Here Miranda Lambert gained third place and afterwards she signed to the Epic Records. Mi....

Martin Luther Biography

Martin Luther was popularly known as the Father of Protestantism. He was a German Monk, theologian, university professor, priest and church reformer. Martin Luther was the one who had changed the course of Western Civilization and also he began the Protestant Reformation. Martin Luther always pr....

November 10 Birthday Wishes

November 10 Birthday Wishes

Happy Birthday. I hope that you will have a truly marvelous and joyous day with family and friends.

You are a one and only. You have a spirit within you that is your own. Happy Birthday.

November 10Birthday Quotes

'When I was six‚ my best friend’s parents bought him a piano. My mother noticed that every time I would go to his house‚ the first thing I would say to him was ’Levester’ - His name was Levester - I said‚ ’Levester‚ can I go play your piano?’ So‚ on my 7th birthday‚ my parents bought me a piano.'

Herbie Hancock

'For my birthday I got a humidifier and a de-humidifier... I put them in the same room and let them fight it out.'

Steven Wright

People Born on November 10

Year Name
1341 Henry Percy 1st Earl of Northumberland English statesman and former Lord Marshall (d. 1408)
1433 Charles Duke of Burgundy (d. 1477)
1480 Bridget of York English princess and nun (d. 1517)
1483 Martin Luther German Protestant reformer (d. 1546)
1565 Laurentius Paulinus Gothus Swedish theologian and astronomer (d. 1646)
1566 Robert Devereux 2nd Earl of Essex English politician (d. 1601)
1577 Jacob Cats Dutch poet jurist and politician (d. 1660)
1620 Ninon de l'Enclos French courtesan and writer (d. 1705)
1668 Louis III Prince of Conda? (d. 1710)
1668 Frana?ois Couperin French composer (d. 1733)
1695 John Bevis English physician and astronomer (d. 1771)
1697 William Hogarth English artist (d. 1764)
1710 Adam Gottlob Moltke Danish statesman (d. 1792)
1728 Oliver Goldsmith English playwright (d. 1774)
1735 Granville Sharp English abolitionist (d. 1813)
1759 Friedrich Schiller German writer (d. 1805)
1801 Samuel Gridley Howe American social reformer (d. 1876)
1801 Vladimir Dal Russian lexicographer (d. 1872)
1810 George Jennings English sanitary engineer (d. 1882)
1834 Josa? Herna?ndez Argentine author of Marta?n Fierro (d. 1886)
1844 Henry Eyster Jacobs American theologian (d. 1932)
1845 Sir John Sparrow David Thompson fourth Prime Minister of Canada (d. 1894)
1848 Sir Surendranath Banerjea leader Indian National Congress (d. 1925)
1850 Arthur Goring Thomas English composer (d. 1892)
1868 Gichin Funakoshi Japanese martial artist (d. 1957)
1871 Winston Churchill American novelist (d. 1947)
1874 Idabelle Smith Firestone American composer and songwriter (d. 1954)
1878 Cy Morgan American baseball player (d. 1962)
1879 Vachel Lindsay American poet (d. 1931)
1879 Patrick Pearse Irish political activist (d. 1916)
1880 Jacob Epstein American sculptor (d. 1959)
1887 Arnold Zweig German author (d. 1968)
1888 Andrei Tupolev Russian aircraft designer (d. 1972)
1889 Claude Rains English actor (d. 1967)
1891 Carl Stalling American film composer (d. 1972)
1893 John P. Marquand American writer (d. 1960)
1894 Boris Furlan Slovenian legal theorist and politician (d. 1957)
1895 Mabel Normand American silent actress (d. 1930)
1895 John Knudsen Northrop American airplane manufacturer (d. 1981)
1896 Jimmie Dykes American baseball player and manager (d. 1976)
1896 Olga Grey Hungarian-born American silent actress (d. 1973)
1906 Josef Kramer German concentration camp commandant (d. 1945)
1907 Jane Froman American actor and singer (d. 1980)
1907 John Moore English author (d. 1967)
1908 Charles Merritt Canadian Army officer and Victoria Cross recipient (d. 2000)
1909 Pawe? Jasienica Polish historian (d. 1970)
1909 Johnny Marks American songwriter (d. 1985)
1912 Birdie Tebbetts American baseball player and manager (d. 1999)
1916 Billy May American composer arranger and bandleader (d. 2004)
1916 Louis le Brocquy Irish painter
1918 Ernst Otto Fischer German chemist Nobel Prize laureate (d. 2007)
1919 George Fenneman American radio and television announcer (d. 1997)
1919 Michael Strank American flag raiser on Iwo Jima (d. 1945)
1919 Mikhail Kalashnikov Russian inventor
1919 Frana?ois Pa?rier French actor (d. 2002)
1919 Moise Tshombe Congoian politician (d. 1969)
1920 Jennifer Holt American actress (d. 1997)
1920 Rafael del Pino Spanish entrepreneur (d. 2008)
1923 Hachiko world famous dog (d. 1935)
1924 Russell Johnson American actor (Gilligan's Island)
1925 Richard Burton Welsh actor (d. 1984)
1927 Sabah Lebanese singer and actress
1928 Ennio Morricone Italian composer
1929 Marilyn Bergman American composer and songwriter
1932 Don Henderson English actor (d. 1997)
1932 Roy Scheider American actor (d. 2008)
1933 Ronald Evans American astronaut (d. 1990)
1934 Lucien Bianchi Belgian racing driver (d. 1969)
1935 Bernard Babior American biochemist
1935 Igor Dmitrievich Novikov Russian astrophysicist
1937 Albert Hall American actor
1939 Russell Means Native American activist
1939 Allan Moffat Canadian-Australian race car driver
1940 Screaming Lord Sutch English musician and politician (d. 1999)
1941 John Geoghegan American soldier and Silver Star recipient (d. 1965)
1942 Robert F. Engle American economist Nobel laureate
1942 Hans-Rudolf Merz Swiss Federal Councilor
1943 Saxby Chambliss American politician senior senator of Georgia
1944 Silvestre Reyes American politician
1944 Sir Tim Rice English lyricist
1945 Donna Fargo American singer
1946 Roy Thomas Baker English record producer
1947 Glen Buxton American musician (Alice Cooper) (d. 1997)
1947 Bachir Gemayel Lebanese military commander (d. 1982)
1947 Greg Lake British musician
1947 Dave Loggins American songwriter and singer
1948 Aaron Brown American broadcast journalist
1948 Shigesato Itoi Japanese novelist and video game designer.
1948 Hugh Moffatt American songwriter
1948 Vincent Schiavelli American actor (d. 2005)
1949 Ann Reinking American dancer
1950 Debra Hill American screenwriter and film producer (d. 2005)
1950 Bob Orton Jr.American wrestler
1952 Gerry DiNardo American football coach
1955 James Chapman American novelist
1955 Jack Clark American baseball player
1955 Roland Emmerich German film producer and director
1956 Mohsen Badawi Egyptian entrepreneur and activist
1956 Sinbad American actor
1958 Stephen Herek American film director
1958 George Lowe American voice actor
1958 Massimo Morsello Italian singer (d. 2001)
1958 Brooks Williams American musician
1959 Linda Cohn American sports reporter
1959 Mackenzie Phillips American actress
1959 Mike McCarthy American football coach
1960 Neil Gaiman English writer
1960 Dan Hawkins American college football coach
1961 Rudolf Grimm Austrian physics professor
1961 John Walton English darts player
1963 Hugh Bonneville English actor
1964 Kenny Rogers American baseball player
1964 Magna?s Scheving Icelandic athlete
1965 Jamie Dixon American basketball coach
1965 Eddie Irvine Northern Irish racing driver
1966 Vanessa Angel English actress
1966 Bill DeMott American wrestler
1967 Michael Jai White American actor
1968 Steve Brookstein English X Factor winner
1968 Tracy Morgan American actor/comedian
1969 Faustino Asprilla Colombian footballer
1969 Jens Lehmann German footballer
1969 Ellen Pompeo American actress
1970 Warren G American rapper
1970 Freddy Loix Belgian rally driver
1970 Vince Vieluf American actor
1970 Tay Ping Hui Singaporean actor
1971 Walton Goggins American actor
1972 DJ Ashba American musician (Guns N' Roses)
1972 Isaac Bruce American football player
1972 Shawn Green American baseball player
1973 Patrik Berger Czech footballer
1974 Niko Hurme Finnish musician
1974 Chris Lilley Australian comedian
1976 Steffen Iversen Norwegian footballer
1976 Shefki Kuqi Finnish footballer
1977 Josh Barnett American Mixed Martial Artist
1977 Brittany Murphy American actress (d. 2009)
1977 Won Bin Korean actor
1978 Kyla Cole Slovak pornographic actress
1978 Eve American rapper
1978 Drew McConnell Irish musician (Babyshambles)
1979 Chris Joannou Australian musician
1980 Troy Bell American basketball player
1980 Calvin Chen Taiwanese singer
1980 Donta? Stallworth American football player
1981 Tony Blanco Dominican baseball player
1981 Jason L. Dunham American Medal of Honor recipient (d. 2004)
1982 Heather Matarazzo American actress
1983 Miranda Lambert American singer
1983 Craig Smith American basketball player
1985 Ricki-Lee Coulter New Zealand/Australian singer
1985 Giovonnie Samuels American television actress
1985 Krystian Trochowski German rugby player
1986 Ilias Iliadis Greek judoka
1986 Josh Peck American actor
1987 Charles Hamilton American hip-hop artist
1987 Jessica Tovey Australian actress
2000 Mackenzie Foy American actress and model