Colleges and Universities in Norway

Buskerud University College

Buskerud University College Buskerud University College
Pb. 235
3603 Kongsberg
Phone: +47 32869500


Master in Human Rights Computer Engineering (BEng)
Bachelor of Visual Communication - Graphic Design, Advertising and Media Bachelor of Tourism Management
Master in Systems Engineering Electrical Engineering (BEng)
Mechanical Engineering (BEng) Political Science (B.A.)
Bachelor of Business Administation (BBA)  

Gjovik University College

Gjovik University College Gjøvik University College 191 Teknologivn. 
22, 2802 Gjovik, Norway 
Tel. +47 61 13 51 00  
Fax +47 61 13 51 70


Network and System Administration (B.Sc) Media Technology (M.Sc)
Advanced Clinical Nursing (M.Sc) Media Management (B.Sc)
Bachelor of Software Engineering Geomatics (B.Sc)
Industrial Design and Technology Management (BEng) Nursing (B.Sc)
Building Construction (BEng) PhD in Information Security
Bachelor of Economics and Business Administration Electronics (BEng)
Construction Project Management (BEng) Information Security (M.Sc)
Color in Informatics and Media Technology (M.Sc) Radiography (B.Sc)
Health Promotion and Community Care (M.Sc) Computer Science (BEng)

Narvik University College (NUC)

Nesna University College Nesna University College
8700 Nesna
Tel: 75057800
Fax:-: 75057900


Bachelor in Drama Bachelor in Special Education
Bachelor in Engineering Bachelor in Information Technology/Computer Science
Bachelor in Physical Education  

Ostfold University College

Ostfold University College Østfold University College
N-1757 Halden
Tel. 47 6921 5000
Fax. 47 6921 5002


Bachelor of International Business
Bachelor of Engineering - Computer Science and Bachelor of Information Systems and IT Management
Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Technology
Bachelor of Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Bachelor of Industrial Design
Bachelor of Computer Science
Bachelor of Nursing
Master of Computer Science

Telemark University College (TUC)

Telemark University College Telemark University College
Postboks 203
N-3901 Porsgrunn
Phone: +47 35 02 62 00
Fax: +47 35 57 50 02


Master in Energy and Environmental Technology BSc- Electronics
MA- Physical Education, Sport and Outdoor Life Studies BA- Business Administration
Master in Process Technology BSc- Mechanical Engineering
BA- International Marketing BA- Accountancy
Master in Systems and Control Engineering BA- Tourism Management
BSc- Computer Science MA- Art & Design Education
MSc- Environmental Health, for Bioengineers BSc- Civil Engineering
BSc- Electric Power Engineering MSc- Environmental Health
Master in Multicultural Preventative Care with Children and Adolescents  

University of Agder (UiA)

University of Agder (UiA) University of Agder (UiA)
Service Box 422, NO-4604 
Kristiansand, Norway 
Telephone: +47 38 14 10 00
Fax: + 47 38 14 10 01


Master of Science in Information and Communication Technology Bachelor of Fine Arts
PhD programme in ICT Mobile Communications and Open Systems Bachelor in Jewellery Design
Master of Science in Business Administration, International Management Bachelor of Nursing
Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) Master of Development Management
Energy and Electric Power Engineering (B.Sc) Bachelor of Computer Science
PhD Programme in Information Systems Civil Engineering (B.Sc)
Master of Science in Mathematics Education Mechatronics (B.Sc)
Bachelor of Multimedia Technology and Design Mechanical Engineering (B.Sc)
PhD programme in International Management Aeronautical Engineering (B.Sc)
PhD programme in Mathematics Education Bachelor of Information Systems
Electronic and Electrical Engineering (B.Sc)  

University of Bergen (UiB)

University of Bergen (UiB) P.O.Box 7800
5020 Bergen
Phone number (+47) 55 58 00 00
Fax number (+47) 55 58 96 43


Biology (M.Sc) Physics (M.Sc)
Molecular Biology (M.Sc) Geophysics (M.Sc)
Fisheries Biology and Management (M.Sc) Statistics (M.Sc)
Master of Philosophy in Health Promotion Earth Sciences (M.Sc)
Applied and Computational Mathematics (M.Sc) Informatics (M.Sc)
Master of Philosophy in Public Administration Master in Oral Sciences
Master of Philosophy in System Dynamics Chemistry (M.Sc)
Master in Human Biological Sciences - Medical Cell Biology Marine Biology (M.Sc)
Aquaculture Biology (M.Sc) Mathematics (M.Sc.)
Master in Human Biological sciences - Biomedical Image Sciences  

University of Oslo

University of Oslo University of Oslo
PO Box 1081
NO-0317 Oslo
Ph:- (+47) 22 85 50 50


Master of Philosophy in International Community Health Physics (M.Sc)
Master of Network and System Administration Master in Geosciences
Master of Philosophy in Environmental and Development Economics Master in Economics
Materials, Energy and Nanotechnology (M.Sc) Chemistry (M.Sc)
Master of Laws in Information and Communication Technology Biology (M.Sc)
Master of Science in Innovation and Entrepreneurship Mathematics (M.Sc.)
Computational Science and Engineering (M.Sc) Master in Information Systems
Master of Laws in Public International Law Master of Laws in Maritime Law
Master of Philosophy in Health Economics, Policy, and Management Master of Philosophy in Higher Education

University of Stavanger

University of Stavanger The University of Stavanger
4036 Stavanger
Phone: (47) 51 83 10 00
Fax: (47) 51 83 10 50


Master of Science in Biological Chemistry MSc- Petroleum Engineering
Master in Migration and Intercultural Relations Master in Offshore Technology
Master in International Hotel and Tourism Leadership MSc- Petroleum Geosciences Engineering
Master of Science in Environmental Technology Master of Science in Computer Science

Vestfold University College

Vestfold University College Vestfold University College
P.O. Box 2243, N-3103 Tønsberg, Norway
Phone: +47 33 03 10 00
Fax: +47 33 03 11 00


Bachelor of Engineering: International Major Project Bachelor in Music
Bachelor of IT: Mobile Application Development Bachelor in Nordic Model
Bachelor of IT and Engineering: Optimalization Master of Microsystems Technology
Bachelor of Nursing: Health Promotion and Public Health Bachelor of Nursing: Clinical Practice
Bachelor of IT: e-Government and e-Democracy Master's Thesis- Microsystems Engineering