No Dirty Dishes Day

No day is complete without washing a pile of dishes. This much hated chore is as much a part of our daily routine as eating or sleeping. All of us would be thrilled to have a day in which we could completely avoid this tiresome task. Like a wish come true is No Dirty Dishes Day, celebrated on the 18th of May. A fun-filled holiday, the importance of the day is that it gives us a much needed break from the daily and boring chore of scrubbing and washing a pile of dirty dishes. Instead of spending your time on this boring task, focus  your attention on some fun activities with friends and family.

Wondering How to Celebrate the Day?

A surprise holiday is perhaps the best way to describe No Dirty Dishes Day. The chances are high that this holiday caught you by surprise and you may just be wondering how to celebrate the day. If you are looking out for fun filled activities, then how about an impromptu picnic with your family? Set up your grill in your backyard and have a wonderful time with your loved ones to make this national holiday really memorable and fun.

What is the Origin of the Day?

Surely the majority of us would be wondering about the origin of the day.  Interestingly this day does not have any significance. No reference can be found for either the creator or the origin of this day. However, No Dirty Dishes Day is increasingly being celebrated as an unofficial  holiday all over the country. People are taking this opportunity to spend quality time with their friends and family while doing away with a mundane daily chore. Washing dishes is a chore done by necessity and people celebrate the importance of the day by using paper plates, eating out or enjoying a picnic.

Important Activities for No Dirty Dishes Day

The most important task for this national holiday is to ensure that there are no dirty dishes. This includes our kitchen including the sink, the grill, the garden or any other part of the house. Ensure that dirty dishes have not found their way to interesting places like the couch or crawled under the bed. Celebrate the importance of the day by ensuring that you do not participate in activities that create dirty dishes to be piled up and scrubbed the next day. The easiest and cost efficient way to ensure that there are no empty dishes would be to eat out of bags or disposable dishes. The next choice would be to eat out or enjoy a picnic.

Importance of the Day in our Present Lifestyle

It may seem difficult to comprehend the importance of the day that celebrates having no dirty dishes at home. However, it may be interesting to note that this day holds great relevance in our present lifestyles. With all the emphasis on going green we can celebrate this holiday and associated activities, keeping in mind the fragility of our ecosystem by choosing to use biodegradable plates and cups if we are using disposable ones. Thus we can remain true to the spirit of the holiday while ensuring that we keep our planet safe.

No Dirty Dishes Day