No Diet Day 2017

No Diet Day is not a national but an international day celebrated on May 6. Symbolized by ‘Light Blue Ribbon,’ the day aims to celebrate the diversity in body shapes, healthy lifestyle, and acceptance of the body. 


In 1992, May Evan Young, director of ‘Diet Breakers,’ originated this international day. Being an eating disorder victim, Young devised this day to end weight obsession, promote healthy body image and encourage women to dedicate their time for more productive activities. Initially, proposed to be on May 5, the celebration was then moved to May 6 to accommodate the needs of few American states. Coincidently, May 6 is Young’s birthday.


The international day is about

  • Doubting the one perfect body shape idea
  • Creating awareness and ending sizism, fatphobia and weight discrimination
  • Having body weight obsession and diets free day
  • Brining to light how inefficient the commercial diets are
  • Showing how the various diets promote violence
  • Honoring weight-loss surgery and eating disorder victims

Celebrating this Day

On this day, some women skip their strict diet for that day and some may give it up forever. People wear the light blue ribbon and take the oath not to obsess about their body weight or diets. Anti-diet groups organize various events to celebrate this day in style.

No Diet Day 2017