New York's Village Halloween Parade

New York's Halloween Parade is celebrated on the night of 31st October in Greenwich Village of New York City. It is commemorated like street parade and an annual holiday parade. This cultural event represents approximately two million viewers, 50 thousand costumed partakers, circus performers, artist and dancers, dozens of floats bearing live band and other musical and performing acts, and just about one hundred million global television spectators.

The features of parade’s signature are its parade sized puppets- colossal rod puppets ‘articulated’ through teams of the puppeteers — and its open partaking to anyone in attire who desires to march. And it is leading public Halloween event in U.S. and the country’s main night parade. And it has been named "New York's Carnival." Even though the parade is presently not as familiar and feral as it was in its initial years, and it is an upshot still a substitute festival.

The pageant has been marked in several travel guides and national magazines. It has been a topic of study through most important cultural anthropologists. In accordance with The New York Times, "the Halloween Parade is the best entertainment the people of this City ever give the people of this City." And "Absolutely anything goes," says USA Today. "Be prepared to drop your jaw."

NYC Halloween Parade Route

NYC Halloween Parade 2011 Route

Halloween Parade 101

The Village Halloween Parade is nation's leading public Halloween commemoration and it has been a New York City organization for 33 years. It’s chaotic, crowded and crazy.

The parade is constant listed in the book, 100 Things to Do Before You Die: Travel Events You Just Can't Miss.
Excess of two million viewers will turn up to watch 45,000 dressed partakers with ample of giant puppets, dancers, 42 marching bands, artists, and creative floats -- march throughout the ways of downtown Manhattan on 31st October, 2008.
For the reason that New York City has become attraction for bold, exhibitionist and creative personalities; even you can stake on seeing some of world’s most unique and stunning Halloween costumes.

If you roll up in outfit, it’s nothing to link the parade. Have a look on our New York Halloween costume ideas and also guide to NYC costume shops for assist in creating the ideal disguise. However you don't have to disguise to enjoy the parade. Array on 6th Avenue between spring and 21st St. to watch the fun-

Guidelines for Enjoying the Halloween Parade

In the Village Halloween Parade; it's hard to identify who's a contestant and who is a watcher. Many viewers come in outfit and several activists play to the mass with throwing bonbon, posing for snaps, and cooperating with their community.

The Parade frequently lasts from 8PM to 9.30PM. and it will be broadcast on NY1. When the parade is ended, Halloween night has begun. Most revelers head to parties at area bars, restaurants and clubs.   

Getting There

  • Take the 1, 2, and 3 lines to 14th St. and 7th Ave.
  • Take the A, B, C, D, E, F and Q lines to West 4th St. and 6th Ave.

Village Halloween Parade Trivia:

  • If you are born on 31st October, then you are specially invited to the rally in a particular group with additional birthday girls and boys.
  • The parade bring upward of $60 million into the city's financial system.
  • The parade was chosen as "the Best Event in the World" on 31st October.