New Year Fireworks 2016

In simple words, we can say that New Year resembles to the day when there is end of one year and beginning of next year.  There are lots and lots of special arrangements, events and ceremonies arranged all over the world to celebrate this special day. One among them is Fireworks. People says Good bye to last year and welcomes the New Year with fireworks. This firework celebration is not limited to a specific country or region but its celebrated all over the world. A firework displays the sparks of joy in New Year. When you watch the sky with variety of Fireworks, it makes the view beautiful as variety of colors shines in sky. And it also lightens the midnight sky with bright fireworks at 12 am.

If we speak about the history of firework, then let me tell you China is the place from where Fireworks starts in 12th Century. The purposes of this firework are to frighten the evil spirits who were sensitive to loud noises, and in earlier days, roasting bamboo were used to made firecrackers which produces the loud sound of cracking. After roasting bamboo, gunpowder was discovered for these fireworks. These fireworks are not only used in New Year celebration, but also are very popular in Marriages and Indian Festival Diwali. When we are discussing about the fireworks in New Year, then how can we forget to discuss the celebration of New Year in Sydney. More than 80000 fireworks lit at Circular Quay in vicinity to Sydney Opera House. Every year, more than 300000 tourists from all over the world come to see the Sydney Fireworks in New Year.

These New years eve fireworks can be view from a 16 km radius around Sydney. It was also the most watched event on Television worldwide last year. After Sydney, I also want to discuss the fireworks New Year celebrations of London. London is also considered as one of the major place where New Year is welcomed by fireworks. At 2005, new years fireworks were launched from the wheel itself for 1st time. London’s Firework celebrations are centered on London Eye, which is the largest Ferris wheel in Europe and also most popular paid tourist attraction in United Kingdom. When I speak about the last year New Year celebration about London, then let me tell you that there was the free fireworks display at London Eye and the best place to see this ceremony was from Westminster Bridge and North Embankment of the River Thames. This ceremony was telecasted live on BBC1. After Sydney and London, It is important to discuss the New Year fireworks at Valparaiso in Chile. Valparaiso is also considered as a popular place where lots of tourists arrive to see the New Year celebration. There was 21 Km of Fireworks on the bay from the city of Valparaiso to Concon in Chile. Beach of Copacabana in Brazil is also considered by many as one of the best fireworks show in the world for New Year eve. Besides that there are few drawbacks when you are using Fireworks for celebrating the New Year. Improper use of fireworks may cause injury to the public, it is stated in law that only professionals can use the fireworks and hence not to be use by the general public. Fireworks are considered as a risky thing as it creates the problems for people like noise pollution or breathing problems or if not properly handled there would be chances of accidents. Some Governments like United States are trying their best to control these fireworks in celebrations. Local Governments are severely limiting these practices from recent years. In the end we can say that, it’s not a wrong thing to use fireworks in New Year, but better be careful while using these things in ceremonies, as there are few risks involved if we use the fireworks improperly.

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