NCE Test

What is the NCE Test?

The National Counselor Examination for Licensure and Certification (NCE) test is conducted for two purposes. The first one is for national counseling services and the other is for state counselor licensure.

The NCE test is a general test. It is a test which is supposed to measure the cognitive knowledge of individuals regardless of what kind of professional background they come from. The exam is conducted by the National Board of Certified Counselors, (NBCC).

The scoring of the NCE test is rather complicated using a modified Agnoff procedure. Under this scoring system, the possibility of answering questions correctly by the candidate is considered, which makes the passing score different between different exam forms. The results are sent by mail to the candidates within 8 weeks of writing the exam.

NCE Test Eligibility Requirements

  • Before registering for the NCE test, there are a few eligibility requirements that need to be met which can be found on the NBCC website.
  • To apply for the NCE test, the application packet which contains the application form has to be downloaded from the NBCC website and a printout taken.
  • The application form and other relevant forms are then completed and submitted in original along with the examination fees to the nearest center or sent by post.

NCE Test Qualification

The candidate should have a master’s degree in counseling or in:

  • school psychology
  • counseling psychology
  • counseling & guidance
  • clinical psychology
  • or/and have completed 48 semester or equivalent quarter hours.
  • The degree should include counseling theories, techniques and counseling principles.

NCE Test Preparation

  • There is a vast quantity of study material available to the candidate online, both free and paid. The quality of this material varies from site to site, hence is would be advisable to have the authenticity of the material procured from the internet verified by a qualified person.
  • Some people may be more comfortable reading through books, so such candidates should check out the bookstores, as there are several guides and mock tests with keys and examination tips available in bookstores.
  • You can also procure interactive video CDs which will enable you to repeat the course again and again until you are word-perfect with all the answers.
  • There are several coaching tutorials being held in different areas. It is quite likely that one such study group is available in the area. These study groups are usually beneficial to the candidate as there is a lot of motivation and professional guidance too.

NCE Test Ranking

There are 200 questions in the NCE test, but ranking is determined only out of 160 of them. The remaining 40 items are retained by the examination board for future use. As these 40 items are not identified in the question paper, one would be well-advised to attempt all questions for a good ranking in the test.

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