Native American Day 2017

Native Americans are the people who have immigrated to America for either a job, or to study, or to make a living in America. To honor them, Native American Day is celebrated. This day is a holiday for all the Native Americans. Native Americans are commonly referred to as American Indians, but they are acknowledged as Native Americans in recent years, as a mark of respect and recognition.

When was Native American Day Formed?

Different countries and states in the United States celebrate Native American Day on different days.

In California, the Native American Day was recognized in the year 1968 when Sir Ronald Reagan signed a declaration calling for a holiday on American Indian Day. This day was to be celebrated on the Fourth Friday in September each year. This resolution was accepted in 1998, ans since then, the fourth Friday of September every year is commemorated as Native American Day.

In South Dakota, an accordant legislature was put forward by Governor George S. Mickelson in the year 1989 to title 1990 as the “Year of Reconciliation” between the whites and Native Americans. This legislature also demanded to modify Columbus Day to Native American Day, and to alter Martin Luther King's birthday into a state holiday. Since then, the second Monday of October is celebrated as Native American Day in South Dakota.

In 1994, the Tennessee state General Assembly constituted the fourth Monday of September each year to be observed as “American Indian Day”.

How is the Day Celebrated?

People in America celebrate Native American Day through learning from educational resources that concentrate on traditions, culture and background of Native Americans. Native American Day is celebrated to honor the heritage of Native Americans and for both native and non-native cultures of America to unify the countless aspects of native culture.

In California, some of the organizations, community groups and churches support Native American Day by raising awareness about the history, culture and traditions of native people of the United States. Cultural activities like markets and pow wows, which involve dancing, singing, and socializing are held in the form of meetings for North America's native people.

The Native American Day is a public holiday in South Dakota, California and Tennessee, instead of the Columbus Day. Businesses, schools and government offices are closed in honor of Native American Day. But services such as police and fire departments, and emergency services are available on Native American Day.

Native American Day 2017