Native American Culture


The indigenous people reside in North America within the boundaries of the contemporary continental United States, some parts of Alaska and island nation of Hawaii. These areas include several, different tribes, states, and cultural groups, many of which continue to exist as intact political communities.

During last five hundred years, Afro-Eurasian immigration to the Americas has raised centuries of disagreement and adjustment between earlier and New World civilizations. The major portion of the written history regarding the Native Americans is prepared by Europeans after their migration to the Americas.

A larger number of Native Americans survived as hunter-gatherer societies whereas in some other groups women took care of cultivation of an assortment of staples such as maize, beans and squash. The culture of those Native Americans was different from those of the agrarians and proto-industrial immigrants come from Western Eurasia.

The dissimilarities in culture between well established Native Americans and migrant Europeans, and changing coalition among different countries of each culture had created a lot of political tension and racial violence.


Native American food includes the cuisines of indigenous people of the Americas. The traditional food items like frybread have gained more popularity in present-day Native American social congregations. Cuisines that Americans have adopted from Native Americans are:

  • Cornbread
  • Turkey
  • Cranberry
  • Blueberry
  • Hominy
  • Mush

Native Americans were using home-grown domesticated and wild food ingredients. With the changing life style the chefs who adopted the Native American food preparation method have brought some alterations in the recipes.


The Native Americans were using clothes those were related closely to their environment and religious beliefs. The clothing was different for Native Americans living in different regions. People used to wear a little cloth on warm climates like California. Men were seen naked in that region and women used to wear knee-length skirts. In cooler areas, different style of clothes had been developed. Men used to wear breechclouts, or loincloths, leggings, tunic shirts in those areas and women wore skirts and dresses.

In coldest areas Native Americans normally wore warm trousers, hooded anoraks, jackets and mittens.


In the desert southwest, many Native Americans lived in pueblo communities. Pueblos do not allow drinking of alcohol during visits. A visitor to the pueblos should not look into windows or step into buildings unless and until invited. Native Americans consider it as impolite if the guest refuses to eat after invitation.

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