National Worship of Tools Day 2017

March 11th is celebrated as National Worship of Tools Day. Though no founder has been traced to this holiday nor any knowledge of its origin gathered, this day is still a special holiday for most men. But why on earth do we celebrate tools day? Well, the obvious reason is that tools have been and continue to be the most essential objects for man ever since mankind happened on this planet. Today, more than ever, we cannot imagine our lives without tools –primitive or latest sophisticated. We all need them and use them every day. So, just as we worship nature, we worship tools.

So how exactly does one celebrate National Worship of Tools Day? Well, here are some ways to celebrate this day:

  • Pick up the tools around your house, from the tool box and show them some love today. You could clean them up, reorganize them and use the opportunity to make something creative. 

  • You could make a trip to your favorite store and pick a tool or two to add to the collection.

  • Gift a fellow tool lover some tool that you think would add to his collection.

So, come on!!!!! Let’s celebrate this day in the name of tools.

National Worship of Tools Day 2017