National Wine Day 2017

National Wine Day is celebrated on 25th of May every year.  National wine day is a day dedicated to wine and wine lovers.  National Wine day organization has its own website, a facebook and twitter account to help you enjoy every sip of your favorite wine on this dedicated day for wine lovers.


The origin of the national wine day is not clear but it is celebrated since ages by wine lovers all over the world.

How to Celebrate:

National Wine day celebration is not about drinking lot of wine but it is about enjoying every sip and ticking your taste buds with different varieties of wine. You can celebrate it by arranging wine tasting event at your home or at winery or by sharing few varieties of wine with friends and family members. You can even go out to a local wine shop and enjoy a glass of wine with soothing music. There is no rule for celebration and all you need is a beautiful glass of wine to celebrate the national wine day.

Date Change:

There is proposal going on to change the national wine day celebration date because May 25th is also celebrated as Memorial Day in US and is often overlooked.

National Wine Day 2017