National Wear Red Day 2017

National Wear Red Day 2017 Date - 3rd February

February is a month of heart & health awareness and to increase knowledge about the different heart disease with its prevention and treatment. The Go Red for women campaign was also started to raise awareness for such leading cause which has resulted death in women and which is yet unknown. The nationwide event of Go Red for Women or National Wear Red Day was initiated in 2002 on February 5 by the American Heart Association in order to raise awareness about women heart disease. Previously it had been thought that such diseases only effect men but we should be thankful to such initiative as now more and more of us are getting aware of the fact that it affect women as well and we should know how to fight back.

It has been researched that cardiovascular disease is at the no 1 position in the single killer of the women and has claimed more lives than anyone can think. The program of National Wear Red Day seeks to bring down the coronary disease and stroke by atleast 25 to 30 % and the only way to do is to raise awareness and empower women to improve the condition of their heart health so that they can live stronger and longer lives.

The method of raising awareness includes teaching women as how to talk to their doctors about such heart disease and giving a brief knowledge about the easy access to program of healthy eating & exercise. Also how they need to work more on the risk reduction such as no smoking or drinking, weight maintenance, blood pressure control and cholesterol management.

Wearing Red on February 5 draws attention to the causes of leading killers of women that is heart disease and stroke.

Why We celebrate National Wear Red Day

National Wear Red Day on February 5th is a day to recognize and pay honour to the women who have died from heart disease and also to build awareness and encourage all women to make a strong choice to achieve victory over heart disease. Nationwide everyone is encouraged to wear red on 6th February in order to support the fight against the heart disease.

In the past heart disease and heart attacks have been basically associated with men because women were considered to be an unspecific group and were largely ignored. Due to such reason the risk of this often preventable disease has suffered a lot. Thus, the National Wear Red Day movement has made sure that women must know about the risk of heart disease and accordingly they can take action to protect their health of their heart.

The National Wear Red Day also harnesses the energy, passion and power of women to band together and collectively wipe out the risks of having heart disease and heart attacks or stroke. It challenges them to work on such risks and also provides them with such tools that they may require to lead a healthy and normal life.

The strategy of the National Wear Red Day was to reduce the death and disability from various heart diseases and improve the condition of women as much as they can.

National Wear Red Day 2017