National Watermelon Day 2017

National Watermelon Day Background

  • National Watermelon Day is celebrated in the US on the 3rd of August every year.
  • Although it not a true national day (which needs to be ratified by Congress), a lot of fun happens on this day.
  • It is a day when this large, juicy fruit gets all the importance.
  • On this day, several activities and games are organized with watermelon as the focal point. Needless to say, tons of watermelon is consumed on National Watermelon day.

Facts about Watermelon

According to the records of the famous traveler, David Livingstone, watermelons originated in the Kalahari Desert in South Africa. It used to grow wild and was known locally as “tsamma melon”. It was an important water source for the people there.

Watermelons are also seen in the hieroglyphics of ancient Egypt. It is not known how watermelons came to the US but one of the theories is that the slaves had a role to play in the introduction of watermelon in the United States. Today watermelon exists in over 1200 varieties in 96 countries worldwide.

Reasons behind celebrating National Watermelon Day

  • There is no consensus on the origin of this particular holiday.
  • However, for watermelon lovers, it is a day when they can give importance to their favorite fruit.
  • National watermelon day gives everyone a chance to familiarize themselves with watermelons.
  • Even those who do not consume it regularly will get a chance to sample red, sweet, juicy slices of watermelon.

Activities on National Watermelon Day

  • There are several activities on this day which involve highlighting the virtues of watermelon.
  • There are competitions like watermelon seed spitting competitions, and people hold watermelon parties.
  • It is a day when lots of watermelon recipes come into play and several watermelon drinks are served.
  • There is even a National Watermelon Promotion Board which is dedicated to increasing the consumption of fresh watermelon through its promotional programs.
  • An interesting activity to do on this day is to get onto the internet and browse for watermelon-related stuff. You will be surprised to see how much material is available – competitions, online quizzes, recipes, and online games for children.


So this year, on the 3rd of August, set aside your troubles and responsibilities for a day and let yourself

National Watermelon Day 2017