National Video Games Day 2017

Video Games Day is always commemorated on July 8th. On Video Games Day people celebrate and enjoy famous and adventurous video games that is launched in the market, and change the way kids play games. From Nintendo to Atari to Xbox, video games offer several hours of playing time on your television set.

Video Games Day

It is not clear who is the creator of this game, or the origin of this day.

In grandma and grandpa's time, they had stick horses for toys and playtime. Today’s kids have an immense array of video games to play. Before you get bored of one game, another one hits the market.  

Video games aren’t only for kids anymore. The fact it has become the most popular part of entertainment at parties. People rush to televisions in homes, dorm rooms and arcades to enjoy with their friends in sports, adventure and music-themed games.

Playing games has now become one of the most popular leisure time activities in America and Video Games Day is the ideal excuse to kick back and enjoy your favorite titles.

Convert a boring day by putting on the outfit similar to your favorite game character and enjoy the fun of gaming. One of the most famous video games of all time is Halo and the trademark character, Master Chief.  

Ideas to Celebrate Video Games Day

Make your dream character come to life by donning as your chosen self from this make-believe world that is replete of gryphons, elves, zombies, dragons, vampires and alien creatures. From armored clothing to funky prosthetic pointed ears, you can get everything you require to complete your World of Warcraft attire from a costume shop.

A family based game for 2010 was Super Mario Galaxy. Dress up in Mario attire with blue overalls, a red cap, and a huge thick mustache – also don white oversize, cartoon-style gloves. Have a friend dress up like Yoshi, Mario's dinosaur companion by making an outfit out of an oversized green hooded sweat pants and shirt.

Even after July's Video Games Day there are still number of opportunities to wear these fun costumes all over again. A comic book or gamer's convention would be the ideal venue to showcase your transformation from mortal to superhuman game character. Put on your video game costume once again on "National" Video Games Day which is celebrated September 12th of each year and then retain it again as an awesome selection in the wardrobe of Halloween costumes.

National Video Games Day 2017