National Truffle Day 2017

Chocolate truffles are a variety of chocolate confectionary with a ganche center. They are usually round but the shape can vary. The fillings may be varied with nuts, marshmallow, mint, or fudge. Chocolate truffles are the ultimate extravagance in sweets. National Truffle day is celebrated on the 2nd of May each year. The origin of this sweet holiday is not known.

Activities on this Day

  • There are several bakery and confectionery shops which offer a wide variety of chocolate truffles. So on National Truffle Day stock up on lots of these delicacies and forget about counting calories for a day.

  • Once you have a good stock of chocolate truffles, you can spread the good cheer around by presenting them to your loved ones.

  • If you have a creative bent of mind, then you could try your hand at making some chocolate truffles at home. You can find innumerable recipes on the internet or you could buy a cook book which has recipes for truffles.

  • If you are going to office on this day, then make sure that you pack lots of chocolate truffles in your lunch box so that you can distribute them to your colleagues and let them know all about National Truffle Day.

Now that you know, you will never be caught off-guard. Next National Truffle Day, be sure to be on top of things as far as chocolate truffles are concerned.

National Truffle Day 2017