National Train Day 2017

National Train Day marks the anniversary of completing the transcontinental railroads initiated by bringing the rich history of how trains have transformed America.
This day was created and started in the year 2008 by Amtrak and is celebrated annually as America’s love of trains in the month of May.


National Train Day celebrates its 10th year on May 13th 2017 with the aim of sharing the information, advantages of travelling in the trains, learning power of trains and history to the general public in the United States. It is celebrated every year to attract new riders by sharing the benefits of train travel and to generate an interest in driving ridership numbers and ticket revenue.

Type of events:

All National Train Day events produced by Amtrak do not charge any admission fee and spawned events like free kids’ activities, interactive and educational exhibits, model train displays and giveaways. The train geeks or rail fans will get a chance to tour luxury railcars, freight and commuter trains. Other small events include display of train layout, current Amtrak equipment and related items.  There will be plenty for the train enthusiasts to see - model railroad layouts, new and historic locomotives, special trains and excursion train rides.

This year many more events will join this exciting celebration.

National Train Day 2017