National Thrift Store Day 2017

This day was set up to commemorate the idea of recycling as well as saving money by buying second hand items.


August 21st of every year

How and Why thrift stores were set up:

A lot of people prefer to shop at thrift stores for a number of reasons.  One can find brand name items like apparel, appliances and also furniture for sale, at a fraction of the cost.  People like to save money and not everyone can afford to pay full price for necessities, especially during tough economic times. 

Not only that, it is an easy way to also get rid of unwanted items from your life and make some money by consigning goods.  Thrift store shopping is available to everyone –in fact, it has become quite fashionable in the clothing industry to mix and match different items to come up with a unique look.

Tips for Shopping:

  1. Go often to find new items – shopping later in the week is better than shopping on the weekends.
  2. Find out when discounts are offered to get the best bargains.
  3. Buy off season items like winter jackets in summer etc.
  4. Try on clothes and make sure that appliances are in working order before buying.

Enjoy the experience of shopping at thrift stores to find all that you need.

National Thrift Store Day 2017