National Tequila Day 2017

When: National Tequila Day is celebrated annually on the 24th of July.


Tequila, though Mexican in origin, is one of the most popular alcoholic beverage in the USA. It is said that Don Cenobio Sauza, a President of Tequila village introduced the drink in late 1800s. Ever since, Tequila is the fastest growing spirit in the U.S.A. Apparently this spirit is derived from the root of the agave plant that is grown in this part of Mexico.
 As per law tequila for export to the USA has to be produced only from the Weber Blue variety of the agave, produced exclusively in Jalisco state. The expensive and best varieties contain 100% agave while the rest must contain not less than 51%. 

How to celebrate

Tequila lovers can have this day all for themselves and taste not one but many varieties of their favorite drink at their local bars. Some of the best tequila varieties are: Herradura Anejo, Milagro Tequila, Oro Azul Reposado, Casa Noble Crystal and Azul Tequila Reposado. While the white and silver varieties are consumed with a dash of salt and lime, the gold tequila is savored with a hint of cinnamon; with slices of orange after the shot.

National Tequila Day 2017