National Tell A Story Day 2017

National Tell A Story Day is celebrated on April 27th in the US.  In Scotland and England it falls on October 27th.  It is far more prominent in the UK.

On this day, people get together to celebrate story telling of every kind – fiction, non fiction, tall tales, scary tales or even folk tales.  It is a fun way to get together – in a library, at home or in front of a camp fire and tell all kinds of stories.  It fosters a sense of togetherness and fun.  One can even read stories from a book or use other media.

In the old days, stories were a way to pass down tradition and family history from one generation to another.  It is a good idea to also tell stories about important people and use aids like photos to make it more real.  

This kind of story telling can help develop the budding imagination of children.  Everyone, regardless of age likes to hear a good story.  So, dust off your creative side and tell a tale that would fire anyone’s imagination – a tall tale, a whopper of a tale or a spooky one.

Every country has its own tradition of stories – it is great way to learn about other cultures and connect with people.  One can even tell stories based on themes.

National Tell A Story Day 2017