National Tell A Lie Day 2017

April 4 is tell-a-lie day. This is an odd holiday to have, but isn’t it true that life is not all white.


I guess the significance of this day is that children need to know that lies exist. Even for the older ones this day will make them more conscious of morals and values. Thus we remind ourselves that lies exist in various forms. White lies are often uttered to help save someone’s feelings. For instance parents and teachers talk and practice Santa Claus, Easter Bunny and Tooth fairy in full awareness. Known by various names like fibs, fish tales, whopper etc., lies are after all lies.

How to celebrate

Of course by lying; though we do have another way out. You could gather some friends and play a small party game called ‘two truths and a lie’. Here the chosen one gives three statements out of which two are true and one is a lie. The rest of them take turns and guess the truths and the lie one by one. The same pattern follows for each of the guests. This is a fun game that helps celebrate the true spirit of the holiday. 

National Tell A Lie Day 2017