National Taco Day 2017

National Taco day is celebrated on October 4th every year across the locations. Taco is basically a Mexican dish and it looks like a sandwich. It is made of chicken, beef, vegetable and seafood. It is being served with the cheese and toppings. This dish is the most popular item for eating in various locations. Though it is not decided that who started this day but it started somewhere in Mexico when taco became very popular there. Many restaurants started preparing various varieties of the taco like vegetables taco, grilled taco, chicken taco and many others. They also offer huge discounts on the day to attract more customers. There are many traditional tacos prepared on this special day to please the visitors. Nowadays it has become so much popular in almost all the places and is being celebrated in various ways to make it creative and innovative. It is the popularity of the day only that many vegetarian versions of taco have also been developed.

How to celebrate the day

This special day is celebrated with happiness and merriment. People do get together on the National Taco Day with their families and have various categories of taco in their food. School going kids also take taco in their lunch and meals. There are certain places where food chains, hotels and take away shops organize several cooking competitions and many talented individuals come forward to showcase their skills to make tasty taco. Government is also promoting the Day by asking the departments to come up with innovative and creative ideas on celebrating this day. In these celebrations they do outdoor picnics and meet their relatives with gifts of taco.


National Taco Day has got so much popularity at global level. Numerous activities have been designed to celebrate the day. A dish named ‘Beefy Taco’ has become so famous and is being prepared on this special day. Many restaurants have created a web page on face book and other places to promote the day and people post their views and opinions there. Many food chains send their chefs to participate in the various competitions held across the places. Families do group functions at several places to show their enjoyment on the National Taco Day.

Importance of the Day

National Taco Day is very popular and has so much importance. It has offered the opportunity to try different foods and eating habits. Many cooking styles and methods are also developed across the world due this special day. By celebrating this day people spare some free time and go away from the busy daily routine to refresh them with different activities. There is also the opportunity to try the food from far away placed and include them in the food list. Government is promoting this day by giving various inputs on the celebrations of the day. They organize it like a world level event by inviting the delegates from other countries and ask them to share their views on preparing the tasty taco.

National Taco Day 2017