National Spumoni Day 2017

This day was instituted to celebrate an absolutely fabulous dessert which is made up of multiple layers of icecream, candied fruit, nuts and whipped cream.


August 21st of every year

What Spumoni is all about?

Spumoni is a wonderful dessert which is much loved by people of all ages.  It typically contains 3 types of ice creams or flavor – pistachio, cherry and chocolate. Each layer has fruit and nuts mixed in.  The unusual thing about spumoni is that it is always served in slices, not scoops.

The original home of this icecream is Naples, Italy.  Thanks to Italian immigrants to different parts of the world, this icecream has now become very popular in countries like Canada, USA and Latin America.  Spumoni is now virtually unknown in its home town. 

What to watch for:

  • Spumoni is different from Zamboni – the first is an ice cream which has layers and the latter is an ice shaving and smoothing machine used in skating rinks.

  • Spumoni was invented in Italy and Zamboni in California.

  • This information was offered up to get more interest in the icecream and other culinary delights.  All kinds of interesting nuts and shavings are added to the layers to make it a memorable experience.  One can find special spumoni flavors made just for the holidays from different icecream makers. 

  • So check it out and and have a cold, delicious treat on National Spumoni Day and celebrate its history.

National Spumoni Day 2017