National Splurge Day 2017

National Splurge Day is anually celebrated on June 18th.

This day was set up in 1994 as an unofficial holiday by a lady named Adrienne Koopersmith.

Importance of Day

The idea behind this holiday is to take time for oneself and do something special. Whether it is getting a pedicure, extra whipped cream with coffee, an extra scoop or ice cream – something to pamper oneself. Splurging could also involve taking that much needed vacation, going to lunch with friends or even going to a movie.

 Most people live such busy lives that they forget to take time out to relax and do things to take care of themselves. Splurging doesn’t have to be expensive – movies and flowers don’t cost a lot and have the effect of cheering people up instantly.

How to celebrate

There are many ways to splurge without breaking the budget. Financial experts suggest that everyone put money away first in savings and then use extra funds to splurge.  It is a good idea to pick an amount and spend just that. Splurging can be budgeted too, so that there is no need to worry about due bills.

Making a list of things you would like to splurge on is a good idea too – that way, people can look forward to getting or doing things they really want.  Another good suggestion is to pick things that will offer pleasure year round or long term.

Splurging is an activity that should be done occasionally – the idea is to indulge and feel good about the small pleasures of life.  The point is to do something memorable or invest in an item which lasts a long time.  There are many good ideas and items on which people can splurge – it varies from person to person.

Even though splurging may seem to have a selfish element to it, it is okay for people to get or do things individually or together.  All in all, spending one’s hard earned money sensibly is what splurge day is all about.  Life is not just about working hard – it is also about having fun and doing things that offer great memories.

National Splurge Day 2017