National Spanish Paella Day 2017

March 27th is celebrated as the national Spanish Paella Day. This celebration is in the name of the special dish called Paella that originated in the mid- 19th century in Valencia region of Spain. The literal meaning of Paella is pan and is so called because this dish is made in large shallow pans on this day.

Paella is a symbol of Valencia tradition and on the National Spanish Paella Day; this tradition is celebrated by savoring this delicacy. There are three forms of Paella, namely: Valencian Paella, Seafood Paella and Mixed Paella.

Valencian Paella

The paella made of white rice, meat, green vegetables, land snails and beans along with the traditional seasoning is called Valencian paella.
Seafood Paella

Valencian Paella is modified with seafood replacing the snails and meat. Green vegetables and beans are also not included in the preparation.

Mixed Paella

A free style recipe, this paella uses any of the above ingredient combinations and also some not included in the original dish.

This dish is made in olive oil and uses saffron for flavor and garnishing. The most commonly used rice variety is the bomba rice. The only other requirement is that it is to be enjoyed large scale with family and friends.

National Spanish Paella Day 2017