National Sorry Charlie Day 2017

At some time or the other, everyone has been rejected. Being rejected is a humiliating and demoralizing experience. Man is a social animal by nature. A person needs to be accepted in society and by other people.

Acceptance boosts self-confidence and self-esteem. However, once rejected, a person becomes withdrawn and resolute. National Sorry Charlie Day is observed on the 6th of April each year. This day is dedicated to all those who have faced rejection with an aim to restore their self-respect by facing the situation and somehow dealing with it.

Things to do on National Sorry Charlie Day

  • On this day, the important thing to realize is that you are an individual in your own right. You have a right to an opinion even if you have been rejected.

  • The second thing to do is to highlight your strengths in order to bolster your self-confidence.

  • On this day, you can reach out to others stating your purpose as sharing their experiences in rejection. If someone has had a similar experience, you can offer them some comfort by confiding in them, thereby building a rapport which will help them to recover.

  • You can take the issue of being rejected one step further by joining a self-help group where you can exchange mutual experiences of rejection, which will help yourself and others deal with problems of rejection more effectively in the future.