National Rum Day 2017

When: National Rum Day is celebrated on August 16th annually.

History of Rum

Rum was discovered in the early 1600s on the sugarcane plantations of the Caribbean islands. Very soon it gathered popularity and became a huge hit among the pirates. The American colonials and the Navy men made it their signature drink.

The first distillery to brew rum was set up on Staten Island in 1664. Modern day rum is made by distilling molasses and sugarcane byproducts. Rum is classified as a strong alcoholic beverage. 

How to celebrate

Rum is one of the most enjoyable of spirits. The day is best celebrated by inviting your friends over and making a rum punch. Enjoy it just as it is or mix it in a cocktail to get variety. A number of cocktail recipes likes Raspberry Schnapps, Pina colada and Malibu (coconut rum) are popular and can be given a try. Also your favorite local bar might serve special rum punches on this day. Just check it out.

National Rum Day 2017