National Root Beer Float Day 2017

When: August 6th is celebrated as the National Root Beer Float Day.


This is a food holiday that celebrates an ice cream soda made from root beer. The root beer floats are being enjoyed for over a hundred years now. The original root beer floats were a mix of root beer topped with vanilla ice cream.

The treat was originally named Black Cow. It was invented by one Frank Wisner of Colorado, in the year 1893. He owned the Cripple Creek Brewing.  He was inspired by the snow capped Cow Mountain and this vision made him invent the treat.

How to celebrate

The modern day root beer floats come in many varieties incorporating a range of carbonated beverages like coke and orange crush. The root beer is also being replaced with alcohol or coupled with fruits. Alternately, root beer floats are being made as pies with cookies to replace the drink.

The holiday is celebrated by many local ice cream shops and restaurants where you can enjoy the drink. You can also organize a root beer float party at home for your family and friends by putting together canned root beer and a family pack of ice cream from the grocery store.