National Receptionist Day 2016

It's National Receptionists Day! So Let’s Celebrate

At present, May 10th, 2017, is National Receptionist Day. The leisure is noticed not on the identical day every year, but instead on the 2nd Wednesday of May. This is really an essential day while all of us say a big “Thank you!” to the assisting managerial assistance employees in our way of life. We did a bit digging to discover the background behind the holiday, so that you can be ready this year as well as in years into the future.

Origin of Receptionist Day

Our substantial research with this day invented small substantial data around the historical past or even origin on this day. We merely discovered just one site with any specific real content material about the day. Such was at the National Receptionist Association. We actually did discover this day detailed on numerous Ecard websites.

In our opinion an infrequent recommendation to "National" Receptionist Day. Nevertheless, we can find no information or even government document to recommend it absolutely was voted by the U.S. Congress since a real "National" day.

Importance of the day

Do not confound this day for Administrative Professionals Day or maybe Secretary's Day. Receptionists, here is your day! Alright, perhaps it's not each day off. But, it will be per day to identify and value everything that you do!

The reasons for Receptionists Day are two-fold. Very first, of all it offers popularity to receptionists. Of course, they may be the very first person your visitors see once they walk through the front door of your organization. The terrific first feeling is carved in large portion because of your laughing, cheerful consultant.

The 2nd reason for Receptionist Day is always to promote delight and competence in the place.

With this day, deal with your Receptionist with blossoms, candy, or perhaps a lunch!


  • Foster a popularity for the most significant receptionist’s part. They normally are the first individual or a client or even customer meets once they visit a business.
  • Promote satisfaction and competence among receptionists for the vital role they perform within an operation.
  • Give receptionists a chance to share tales and go in with other co-workers. Every year National Receptionists’ Day expands bigger which is now well-known on the 2nd Wednesday in May by firms around the world such as the US, Canada, the UK, Australia and New Zealand. In 2015 the day is Wednesday 13th May.

How to celebrate the day

Listed here are some beneficial suggestions (full of deals) about how to celebrate National Receptionist Day in the correct way.

  • Gift 1: Take your Receptionist to Dinner
  • Gift 2: Deal with your Receptionist to Caffeine
  • Gift 3: Update your Office Coffee Pot to a Keurig
  • Gift 4: Include an In-Office Kegerator
  • Gift 5: Update your Office Equipment
National Receptionist Day 2016