National Ravioli Day 2015

Image: pixabay

March 20th is celebrated as National Ravioli Day in the US. It is a Food Holiday in the country. What is Ravioli? Ravioli is a16th century pasta dough that is served with cheese fillings and tomato sauce traditionally. Usually, the dough will be cut as circles or squares with folders or sandwiched to provide space for another fill up of cheese. Then the tomato sauce is poured over the squares.

Ravioli is often stuffed with cheese besides beef, crab, sausages and spinach. It is also commonly added in casseroles and salads. In order to seasoning garlic, basil pesto, breadcrumbs and black pepper are added.

The origin behind the ravioli is unknown or unspecified; however the history of National Ravioli Day is a richer one which began in Italy. The foremost mention of Ravioli happens at the earlier 14th century with a set of manuscripts that includes recipes of the Tuscany merchant Francesco di Marco Datini. In this same line English documents of 1390 has origins mentioned about ravioli. King Richard II’s master cooks book The Fome of Curry mentions about ravioli as referring them as “Raulioles”. During the 16th century it had taken the current shape. After the introduction of tomatoes from the New World sauce was started to serve with ravioli.

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