National Radio Day

Background of National Radio Day

  • The radio is one of the most important inventions of all time.
  • The radio has always been a subject of fascination to most people.
  • While, Marconi is considered to be the inventor of the radio and the first person to transmit practical radio waves, in actual fact, there were several contributors to the early development of the radio.
  • A few pioneers in the development of the radio were Nikola Tesla, Alexander Popov, Sir Oliver Lodge, Reginald Fessenden, Heinrich Hertz, Amos Dolbear. Mahlon Loomis, Nathan Stubblefield and James Clerk Maxwell

When National Radio Day is Observed

National Radio Day is celebrated on the 20th of August each year. There is no evidence to exactly know when this day was founded or who founded it but it is generally believed that it was started sometime in the 1990s.

It is also agreed that it was started by radio jockeys who felt that there should be a special day to honor this powerful means of communication. National Radio Day is not an officially endorsed national holiday, but it is however celebrated all over the country and is fast becoming a prominent national holiday, though not yet in an official avatar.

Activities on National Radio Day

  • The most obvious activity on this day is to listen to the radio.
  • There are still numerous radio stations who regularly broadcast programs and it is just a question of tuning in to them.
  • Several radio stations have special competitions and interactive programs on this day.       
  • National Radio Day is a day when the famous radio shows in the history of radio are highlighted and there may be reruns of some of these programs.
  • There are several promotional campaigns for radios and radio stations on this day.


National Radio Day makes us realize that radio is not dead, after all. Most CD players and car stereos have radios included by default. In fact, there are so many 24 hour FM radio stations. While struggling through the rush-hour traffic in a car, the easiest thing to do to break the monotony is to tune into an FM radio station, and get entertainment without the hassle of having to do much manual searching.

There are even radio stations on the internet which serve a similar purpose. So this year on the 20th of August, get onto the radio waves with a radio and become a part of a celebration which is fast becoming a special day in the year. So what if it is not an official national holiday. But who knows how this holiday will take shape in time to come.