National Pound Cake Day 2017

A pound cake is a very popular cake due to its simple recipe which results in an extremely tasty and satisfying snack. It is known as a pound cake because all the major ingredients weigh a pound each, that is to say, a pound each of flour, eggs, butter and sugar.

National pound cake day 2017 is celebrates on March 4th.


  • It may come as a surprise, but these cakes have been around ever since the early 1700s.
  • Although the original recipe has been modified slightly over the years, this cake still remains one of the most well-loved and easy to bake among cakes.
  • It is due to all these reasons that a day has been dedicated to the Pound cake.
  • The 4th of March each year is designated as National Pound Cake day.

Things to do on this Day

  • The first and most obvious thing to do is to bake at least one pound cake.
  • The next thing is to call your friends over to enjoy your cake and honor your baking efforts.
  • If you cannot bake at home, then you can buy a cake on this day.
  • You could even take a pound cake to office make pound cake day a day to remember at office by sharing it with everyone there.
  • Whatever you do, remember to have lots of fun with pound cakes on National Pound cake Day.


National Pound Cake Day 2017