National Potato Day 2017

Why is it important to celebrate National Potato Day?

After wheat, corn, rice and sugarcane, potatoes occupy fifth position in food crops for its popularity and consumption. Because of its delicious taste and high nutritional value, people from all over the world include this in their diet almost every day. With an aim to highlight the importance of its health benefits, every year potato lovers celebrate National potato day on August 19. Even though potato has some thousands of years of heritage history, it had its first recognition at National Organic's 'commitment to biodiversity' event sixteen years back in UK.

Why there is a need for potato day celebrations?

Despite being delicious with high nutritional and medicinal values, potatoes have less importance among vegetables due to its high dietary carbohydrate content. Moreover, as potatoes are considerably cheap and abundantly available, this vegetable is losing its importance day by day. National potato day highlights the significance of world famous spuds and promotes its consumption in healthy diet forms.

How to celebrate National Potato day:

Lot of potato lovers from the community come together, form a group, and celebrate this festival with hundreds of varieties of potato spuds. National potato day provides a great opportunity for the farmers to understand the old heritage varieties of potatoes from different places and get awareness on new cultivating methods.

Apart from getting exposed to several best varieties of potato seeds on National potato day, you can also enjoy some endless potato cuisine items such as – baked potato, mashed potato, home fries, French fries, potato puddings etc. Being a part of such community related potato event is really lot of fun for both small children as well as adults.

National Potato Day 2017