National Pie Day 2017

National Pie Day was founded by the American Pie Council celebrated on 23rd of January each year. It is a day of pie making in America and is highlighted as people come forward to partake in pie making and pie eating.

This year the winner of the national pie making competition is prized to win a free trip to the National Pie Championships in Orlando, Florida and a $500 Baking Essential Set.

Ways to Celebrate National Pie Day

  • The first and obvious way to celebrate this day is to make pies. You can do this at home or at a community gathering.
  • There are a number of associations which organize competitions on pie making. You can enter a competition. Who knows? You just might get lucky and walk away with a prize.
  • On National Pie Day, there are many different varieties of pies available in the shops. You can go on a pie shopping spree and take home a pie meal for you and your family.
  • If you do not have prior experience in pie making, National Pie Day is a great opportunity to make a start.
  • Another great way of gelling with pies is the internet. On this day a lot of information is being posted about pies. You can log on to the internet and exchange ideas about pies by reading posts and posting your own comments.
  • If National Pie Day falls on a working day, you can make it a day to remember by taking pies to office and distributing them.
  • Has someone done something good for you? Show your appreciation by gifting them a pie.
National Pie Day 2017