National Personal Safety Day 2015

National Personal Safety Day is a yearly event intended to create awareness for the simple, practical ways that should be used to prevent violence and aggression in the society. It is about helping people to feel more confident and safe in today’s society.

In 2012, National Personal Safety Day took place on Monday 8 October 2012 and the theme was ‘Tech no chances’. As the name suggests, it focused on every-day steps we should take to stay safe while using modern technology.

In 2013, National Personal Safety Day will be held on Monday 14 October 2013. The theme of the Day is Streets Ahead. The campaign will not only aware people about the steps they can take to improve their own personal safety on the streets but will also highlight the role of the local authorities or government in providing street safety e.g. street lighting, proper bus routes and safe places.

This year Information about National Personal Safety Day 2015 will be posted when information is released.

Who organize this Day?

Every year in the month of October National Personal Safety Day is organized by one of the UK’s largest personal safety charity known as Suzy Lamplugh Trust.

Paul and Diana Lamplugh established it in 1986, in the memory of their daughter Suzy Lamplugh, a 25-year-old estate agent, who disappeared when she went to meet an unknown client and her body was not found. Its mission is to create awareness about the importance of personal safety.

The Trust has a dedicated professional staff, highly committed volunteers and a nation-wide network of Training Consultants. They campaign, educate, and help people to reduce the risk of violence and aggression.

The fund is provided by the trust for novel ideas that facilitate everyone to stay safe.