National Pecan Day 2017

National Pecan Day is on April 14th. Pecans have a buttery flavour and soft crunch nature. Another peculiarity of Pecans is that it is the only nut tree native to North America. The origin of the word “Pecan” can be traced back to Native American word, of Algonquin origin which means "all nuts requiring a stone to crack".

National Pecan Day History

It is believed that both George Washington and Thomas Jefferson have planted pecan trees in 16th century. It is not just the delightful taste which is the speciality of pecans; they are proved to be good antioxidants that help in reducing the threat of cancer.

Now let’s have a glance at National Pecan Day celebrations

National Pecan Day celebrations make everyone aware of the history of pecans in the United States.

Pecan tree planting is also part of the celebrations. These large shade trees attract a variety of birds and squirrels.

Prepare your favourite pecan recipe. . Pecan pie is a common dish. Mexican Pecan Soup is an exotic recipe to be tried on April 14th.

Throw a Pecan Day party with crispy pecan snacks. Pecan brownies with a side of praline-pecan ice cream are another option to be tried out on National Pecan Day.

National Pecan Day 2017