National Parfait Day 2016

November 25th is observed as the National Parfait Day. A fancy sundae, consisting of ice-cream, fruits, syrups and whipped cream in yummy layers, presented in a stylish glass is called parfait.


There is no particular record or official declaration of the origin of this holiday. The French word ‘Parfait’ means perfect and a frozen dessert (similar to sundae) was named thus in 1894. 

To make the parfait, you have to layer gelatin or ice cream, cream and other personal favorites such as nuts, syrups, yogurt, granola, fresh fruit and liqueurs in a tall glass and top it all with whipped cream. There are special parfait glasses to serve this dish in style. These days yogurt parfait is making its round with people becoming more health conscious.


Call your loved ones together, make your favorite parfait (chocolate is the most popular choice) and celebrate the National Parfait Day. May be you can give up your diet for one day, look over the yogurt parfait and have the real one with loads of cream. There is nothing better than this to have a cool and fun time with the perfect layering of all things you love.  

National Parfait Day 2016