National Nougat Day 2017

Nougat is a term used to describe a variety of sweets made of sugar or honey, roasted nuts and chopped candied fruit. It can be chewy or hard depending on its composition.

National Nougat Day, one of the famous food holidays celebrated in the United States is celebrated on March 26th yearly.  National Waffle Day is also scheduled on the same day. Nougat is similar to caramel in its consistency though a little light, chewy, and pink or white confection or sugar paste. It includes chopped nuts or dried fruit.

It is an inseparable ingredient of candy bars. It can also be seen in other food creations like cheesecake, ice cream etc. To make Nougat at home is somewhat a challenging task. Sugar, corn syrup, honey, egg whites, salt and vanilla are the ingredients of Nougat. It can be eaten as it is. It can also be made into a candy bar. Adding nuts coated with melted with chocolate makes the nougat a bit more delicious.


Not much is known about how or why National Nougat Day began. Very little is known about the origin of Nougat. The origin of Nougat can be traced back to Ancient Rome. Torrone is the Italian word for nougat which was first documented in Italy in 1441. It was initially made for the wedding of Francesco Sforza and Maria Bianca Visconti in Cremona.

National Nougat Day 2017