National No Rhyme or Reason Day 2017

Origin of the Day

National No Rhyme or Reason Day is celebrated on 1st September every year at various locations. On this day people try to search several words of English which do not have any rhythmic connotation with any other words e.g. orange, purple etc. Due this reason it has become famous with such name. The term no rhyme or reason has its origin in French language and started in the year 1475. Slowly it became very common in English after a century later. Sir Thomas More also mentioned this in his book in a statement where he says that ‘Now it is somewhat, for now it is rhyme; whereas before it was neither rhyme nor reason. In various schools and colleges teachers put efforts in coming up such words. People create their own list of non rhythmic words and display in the most creative manner at various places. Competitions are also held to check out the real worth of the participants and they get awards also.

How to celebrate the Day

The national No Rhyme or Reason Day comes up with many celebrations in different countries and continents. On this special day people everywhere take the volunteer assignments and focus to be creative in searching the non rhythmic words. Kids enjoy this day a lot and do a lot of brainstorming in their groups and then participate in various competitions. Parents also visit their schools to encourage them. In various societies, apartments, residential area people form a committee to celebrate the special day as a tool to increase the awareness among people about it. Many government departments also give their relevant helping hands by providing books, pens, pencils, dictionaries, stationeries and other material to make the events grand in nature.


Various activities become the integral part in the celebrations of the National No Rhyme Or Reason Day. Schools and colleges take active participation in all the activities. They call professional to tell the students numerous creative activities like creating shape poems, composing cinquain, creating haiku poetry and many others to generate the maximum fun. Various concerts are held at a very great platform to attract the talented individuals by providing the performance stage. Various ceremonies are there which distribute award, certificates, and prizes to these creative people. Several themes have been developed to celebrate this special day. People come with many words which are published in the annual issue of the National No Rhyme Or Reason Day so that maximum number of people can take the benefit.

Importance of the Day

The National No Rhyme or Reason day has become very important because it has fun and learn element associated with it. Many set of words have been created on the celebrations of this day and kids take help from them. It opens the creative part of an individual’s personality and offer to go out of the box. Hence this day has become very vital in promoting the languages across the globe and people are respecting other languages also. 

National No Rhyme or Reason Day 2017