National No Homework Day 2015

Many students don’t believe their eyes when they read that they had a day to keep their home work aside and enjoy the day with their favorite task. From the nomenclature itself one can understand what the day is meant for. The day is established to instill or to develop the culture of paying interest on self interests among the children.

When No Home Work Day is celebrated?

No Home Work Day is celebrated annually on 6th of May.

What is the origin of the day?

It is unknown regarding the person or situation that helped to initiate the day. Yet, everyone is least bothered about the origin of the day and celebrates in different styles due to the importance of the sense of the day. All the students definitely give a big applause to the unknown initiator of the day who gave a great chance to deny the home work deliberately.

How No Home Work Day is celebrated?

On the day, children are given opportunity to spend their day so leisurely. The day can be celebrated in different ways. One can celebrate with parents, with friends, with school mates or alone. The main motto of the day is to realize how one liked to spend a day. Many schools started celebrating the day in the schools conducting activities or engaging kids with their favorite tasks. Teenagers usually join together and plan the day with different activities. The day may not be enjoyed by many teachers and parents but excuse it for the sake of kids.

What is the importance of the day?

In the competitive world, kids are struggling with end number of activities in which the parents or teachers engaging them, and these are inevitable as these activities are for the bright future of the kids. Thus, the day reminds everyone that kids must have at least a day to lead in their own style. The day, which is not much familiar to many, is gradually grabbing the attention of many.

Activities of the day

One can plan the activity of the day according to their way. The following are few of the activities and one may choose few of them:

  • Book lovers can spend the day reading favorite book. It may be comic or any novel meant for the children
  • Spend the day with activities like fishing, swimming, gardening, drawing, photography or any game
  • Craft something that reminds the day for the whole year
  • Spend the day with siblings in games, watching television, play video games or going to a favorite movie
  • Spend time in chatting with friends
  • Plan a picnic to a nearby place
  • Enjoy with teachers. Question the teachers how they would have spent the day, if they had No Home Work Day
  • Pet lovers can spend the break with their pets – feeding them, taking them for a ride or grooming them
  • Lovers of dolls can decorate their dolls or play with them for a long time, may be as long as they wish.
  • Dancing and listening to the favorite music are also good activities.
National No Homework Day 2015