National Navajo Code Talkers Day 2017

When: 14th of August every year is celebrated as National Navajo Code Talkers Day.

History and significance

The Navajos are a tribe of the Native Americans who inhabited the western parts of North America. During the Second World War, American army found it extremely difficult to send coded messages through the cipher machines due to the dense jungles in the Pacific Islands. As days passed it became very important to send information to the air bases from the battle fields without passing thought the Japanese radars.

 In such a scenario the Navajos came to the rescue of the US armed forces. They spoke their native language which was not known to the world outside. They offered to become code talkers and used Navajo language to transmit the English messages across the radio. Though the Japanese could hear them, they could not understand a word of it nor could they decipher it. This saved many lives which helped the USA to win the war.

 In recognition of their service to the nation, President Ronald Regan declared in 1982, that August 14th should be officially recognized as a day to honor Novajo code talkers.

National Navajo Code Talkers Day 2017