National Nachos Day 2016

Nacho is one of the popular Mexican dishes, which is named by Ignacio Nacho Anaya for his creative leftovers made into a special dish. This dish is popularized due to its taste and is originated in the city of Piedras Negras located in Mexico. It has been prepared in the year 1943 by this chef and this made him popularized. 6th November of every year is celebrated as National Nachos day.

Date: 6th November, 2016


Nachos dish was prepared and came into existence in a way, which is very funny and is unexpected. Nachos is survival in today’s world as one of the famous and delicious dish only as it was served tastily to the hungry customers. The history of this dish goes on this way.

In the year 1943, one day in the late night to the restaurant named Victory Club, which is located in Fort Duncan, came 10 women who are wives of US soldiers stationed at this place. But, as it was late night the restaurant was closed and the food was almost finished. One of the chefs in that restaurant with name Ignacio “Nacho” Anaya got an idea to serve them a dish with the left over food items and provide them quickly. Then he took the leftover Tortillas in the kitchen shaped them into Triangular shape and melted required amount of cheese. Then he poured on these Tortillas and topped neatly with Jalapeno Peppers. Then he served up this delicious and tasty dish to the guests by naming it as “Nachos Especiales”. These women liked and appreciated this yummy dish also spread about its deliciousness in the city of Mexico as well as Texas within no time. After few years, Anaya took a decision to open his own restaurant and gave it a name as Nacho’s Restaurant where Nachos is served. Here, Nachos dish is prepared in various styles and different flavors.

Nacho recipe of it original version was first published in the year 1954, in the book of St.Anne’s Cookbook. In the mean time, recipe of Nacho’s “Specials” changed from its popularized name to “Special Nachos”.

Variety of Nachos Dishes

Nachos from that time have been tried with variety of toppings and prepared in various styles. If this dish is covered with heavy toppings then it is known as loaded or super nachos. Some of the well known and delicious flavors of Nachos include Cheesy Macho Nachos, Re-fried Beans Nachos, Nachos with Black Olive topping and many other.

National Nachos Day 2016