National Mutt Day 2016

December is the time for festivities and celebrations in eager anticipation of Santa and his lovely gifts. December also happens to be the time of the year for you to give just the consideration that the lovely, adorable pets deserve – the mixed breed dogs, or the Mutts. National Mutt Day is celebrated on the 2nd of December every year, celebrating the intelligence and warmth associated with the humble, loyal and ever-reliable pets.

What is National Mutt Day?

People love puppies – but they usually want the pure bred ones. In the bargain, numerous mixed breed dogs end up languishing in shelters and are eventually, euthanized. These pets that long for a home and a family to love them tend to be relinquished to the shelters, and there tends to be a growing number of these canines that never see the light of the day in their quest for life. National Mutt Day is just the voice that these lovable pets deserve, making people take notice of the dogs that could be true friends for life.

Why National Mutt Day?

When one section of the canine family gets all the love and attention that it could ask for, what with the pure bred dogs and the designer ones being in vogue, it is only fair that the neglected ones get a life too, and claim their rightful share of the household. The idea behind National Mutt Day is to highlight how useful and lovable these canines could be, and to urge people to adopt them, or contribute to their better lives through donations. National Mutt Day spreads awareness about the mixed breeds among people who could make a difference.  

National Mutt Day 2016