National Mustard Day 2017

Facts about Mustard

  • Mustard is known as the king of condiments due to its unique pungent taste and its rich, yellow color.
  • It is made from the seed of the mustard plant.
  • There are two basic varieties of mustard, white and yellow mustard.
  • The Romans were the pioneers in the use of mustard.
  • Ground mustard seeds were mixed with unfermented grape juice by the Romans to create a mixture known as mustum ardens which is believed to be how mustard got its name.

When National Mustard Day is Celebrated

National Mustard Day is celebrated on the first Saturday of August each year. Mustard has become a popular spice all over the world in its paste form, particularly in the US. Everyone is familiar with the use of mustard in sandwiches, hot dogs and burghers. Due to its immense popularity, a day has been chalked out to honor this popular spice.

History of National Mustard Day

This holiday is celebrated at the Mount Horeb Mustard Museum each year on the first Saturday of August. It is a day of fun-filled festivity for the whole family with games and distribution of free hot dogs. It has been observed by this museum since the year 1991.

Origins of the National Mustard Museum

  • The roots of this unique museum go a bit further, to 1986 when the Red Sox lost the World Series. Barry Levenson was a Red Sox fan and Justice Department attorney who overcame his depression by becoming a mustard collector. He left the legal profession to create his very own mustard museum.
  • Today the National Mustard Museum has 5200 different kinds of mustard among several other mustard-related memorabilia. Levenson has relocated his museum to Middleton.

Activities on National Mustard Day

On National Mustard Day, there are several activities planned like mustard fishing and mustard bowling. The Oscar Mayer Wienermobile, a hot dog-shaped car cruises into Middleton loaded with 3000 hot dogs. The proceeds are given to charity. Several special mustard dishes are served on this day. For example, a restaurant chain in the Midwest, Culvers has invented frozen mustard custard which is served with an accompaniment of chocolate pretzel crunch.


So National Mustard Day is a big event in the annual calendar and definitely an event worth attending. If you want to plan a holiday with a difference for your family, a trip to the National Mustard Museum over the Mustard Day weekend (6th August in 2011), you sure of a fun-filled outing which you and your family will remember for years to come.

National Mustard Day 2017