National Mud Pack Day 2017

September 30th is celebrated as National Mud pack Day every year. Both ladies and men join in various activities on this annual celebration that helps deep cleanse, refresh and rejuvenate the skin. Mud packs were a much loved luxury in the past, until they were replaced by a variety of other facial packs. However, mud packs are still very popular when it comes to full body packs and are usually an intrinsic part of full body cleanses. Flaunt soft, young and supple skin after a rejuvenating mud treatment.

Importance of the Day

Mud Pack day not only celebrates the natural cleansing properties of mud, but is also an eco-friendly holiday. Understand the importance of the day by doing chemical face packs and return to the basics on this day.  While the list of natural face packs includes various plant extracts like Aloe Vera, mud packs are much more fun. It is interesting to note that mud packs are also used in first aid treatment for wasp and bee stings. This tip is particularly useful when out on hikes or nature trails without easy access to medical facilities like clinics or hospitals.

Making Plans on How to Celebrate the Day

Wondering How to Celebrate the Day? The best activities to celebrate the day are to literally wallow in mud! Celebrate with a mud pack at your favorite spa. You could choose from a complete body pack or just a facial depending on the time you have on hand. Buy a gift certificate for a facial or body pack and take your best friend along. You could even make it more fun by having a mud pack party with a group of your buddies.  All activities on this day should concentrate on the importance of the day. Celebrate the healthy properties of mud packs and the advantages of using them as well as having a comforting and relaxing day.

Some More interesting Activities on this day

You could also plan a mud pack party at home followed by a sleepover! Have fun watching your friends all covered in mud, as you catch up on the latest gossips. Peloid mud, Fuller’s earth and sea clays are some of the commonly used medicated mud packs that work wonders on the skin. Send a greeting to your friends and family on this day. Teaching yourself to get a facial or blogging about it are also innovative activities to celebrate the importance of the day.

What is the Origin of the Day?

Research does not provide any clue to either the origin of this day or its creator. There is no documentation, including presidential proclamations or congressional records regarding this holiday. However popular,  Mud Pack Day joins the ranks of unofficial national holidays and is celebrated with lots of gaiety. Take the opportunity to learn and appreciate the uses of mud. Mud packs are particularly suited for oily or combination skin types. Cleanse and exfoliate your skin, close open pores and restore lost minerals by using appropriate mud packs rich in nutrients.

National Mud Pack Day 2017