National Macaroni Day 2016

Macaroni is a variety of machine-made dry pasta. Quite shorter compared to spaghetti, and hollow, macaroni is egg free.

History of Macaroni

Each year Macaroni Day is celebrated on 7th July, it's time for some yummy macaroni treat for your near and dear ones. Macaroni has been originated from Italian Macaroni. English borrowed the term from Italian in the 16th century.

National Macaroni Day History

Like all other majority of food celebrations and holidays, it is tough to ascertain briefly how National Macaroni Day came into being. Generally on this day holidays are designated by food manufacturers or other groups (or often individuals) who have a vested interest in the product.
The history of macaroni is one of the debatable topics. There are several stories about the conceptualization of pasta; it has been told to have been originated in Rome and Greece, and a few speculates that it was carried to Europe from China by Marco Polo. Nonetheless, the most possible explanation is thought to be that pastas were produced in Arab, Sicilian, and Italian cultures in medieval times.

National Macaroni Day Celebration

Nevertheless, major celebrations for National Macaroni Day are a few, there are often special macaroni dishes served up at local food joints in honor of the holiday, or sales on macaroni products at some stores. You can also celebrate by preparing a batch of your favorite macaroni dish, or involving the children in a macaroni art project.
A few ideas to celebrate macaroni day include:

  • Prepare for your whole family a mouthwatering delicious dish of macaroni! It can be none other than Macaroni and Cheese!
  • Organize a macaroni buffet party! All you have to do is line up all shapes and sizes of cooked macaroni and a queue of all types of sauces to top.
  • Kids are fond of macaroni crafts and this is the ideal day to have some fun with the kids. You can glue dry macaroni to cardboard and make pretty pictures. You can also facilitate colored macaroni (like spinach/green). Little girls would love to make macaroni artifacts! Allow them to string up necklaces and let them wear it for the whole day.
  • Macaroni Day falls in July and several people also celebrate "Christmas In July", so it cannot be a better time to make macaroni garland than on National Macaroni Day.
  • You can also conduct cooked macaroni eating contest on that day!
National Macaroni Day 2016