National Macadamia Nut Day 2017

Macadamia Nut Day is celebrated on 4th September every year in different countries and continents. Macadamia nuts are very famous and liked by everyone. These nuts are rich in butter and also taste similar. The origin of Macadamia nut day actually took place in Australia by a chemist name John Macadam. He was a physician and chemist who developed various ways to cultivate these nuts. It is not yet decided as who started this special day but it started in Australia and later on it has been observed as an unofficial national holiday in many provinces. It started at a very limited area and families later on started celebrating this special day at a very large scale at various places like hotels, restaurants, houses, picnics and others. Schools and colleges come up with many creative ways to celebrate the day. Now it is celebrated at a very large scale to give it a proper attention.

How to Celebrate the Day

The Macadamia Nut Day is celebrated with all happiness and open hearts. There are several celebrations observed across the locations. In many vicinities the special Day has been declared as a holiday and people go for day out with their colleagues, friends, relatives etc. People do get together on this day and enjoy the taste of these nuts. They take their lunch and dinner with the desserts of these nuts. In several shops and restaurants they prepare different varieties and offer it at a very low price to entice the customers. Families also make the cookies of macadamia nuts and offer to their relative on this special day as a token of love. Government is also promoting the Day by asking the departments to come up with innovative and creative ideas on celebrating this day.


On the macadamia Nut Day various activities become part of the celebrations. People gather at any place to prepare different eatable items with the help of these nuts and prepare dishes like cookies, patties, pastries, ice cream etc. They organize cooking fests and call expert chefs to teach them about various methods to prepare delicious dishes of macadamia nuts. At many social gatherings also the Macadamia Nut Day is celebrated with families coming up to enjoy the party and eating. In schools and colleges kids prefer to bring these tasty nuts with their meals. They make small packets and offer their friends as gifts. Facebook is also used to promote this special day among various groups and visitors post their comments.

Importance of the Day

The Macadamia Nut Day has become very popular and celebrated at a grand level across the locations. It helps people to take a day out from their busy schedules and meet their loved ones to spend some quality time with the tasty macadamia nuts. This way people try to taste the dishes from other localities and increase their food list. Hence this day helps people to have a strong bonding and good relationships.

Macadamia Nut Day Quotes

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National Macadamia Nut Day 2017